Ranil wants report on student, police clash

DNP_5564 copy (1)Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has called for a report into the clash between the police and students at Ward Place yesterday.

The Prime Minister has told Law and Order Minister Tilak Marapana to order an investigation into the incident through the IGP and submit a report on the findings.

The police fired tear gas and water towards hundreds of students protesting near the University Grants Commission (UGC) at Ward Place yesterday.

Students of the Higher National Diploma in Engineering (HNDE) staged the protest and some of them had attempted to enter the UGC premises.

A tense situation arose as the students blocked traffic along Ward Place and demanded attention to some of their concerns.

The police then fired tear gar and used water cannons to disperse the protesters. Some journalists covering the protest were also assaulted.

The police later arrested 39 students. Several students were injured in the incident. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. doing better than the wretched army.
    Dictator Ranil’s revolution – animal force, police task force.

    Yakko people want to be part of IC in kind.

  2. Is actually Ranil W……of UNP has no knowledge of student attack by police?
    Rnail W…..is baby of Democracy ?
    What happen 90,000 youth was killed by UNP regime —Ranil W…1988/89 .

    Did he not have any know accountability killed 90,000 in at that time.
    What happen Batalanda during 1988/89?
    No police force or enforcement authority has right to discharge any mob without commending from Ranil W…of UNP . or MS of SLFP?
    They (Ranil & MS) hold such power of authority by legal responsibility of Republic Constitution give orders to Police .

    But no one have power to do so!

  3. The picture tells it all and there are more of it.
    All this happened because the people responsible were
    shying away from meeting the group.
    People are the strength and power of every government. Ignoring their needs and dealing with the situation with uniformed power is shameful.

  4. reports on this and that and corruption and fraud and etc….bla,bla,bla.So many reports ….does anybody really read these riports. or is there any effect at all…!!??

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