Government assures Muslims solutions to concerns

1H6A4896The Government today assured Muslims who suffered during the war, solutions to their concerns.

Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera said that Muslims will be an integral part of the truth, justice, reparations and non-recurrence process.

He said that Muslims’ grievances and concerns will be a part of the consultations, design and operationalization of the domestic mechanisms; including the Commission for Truth, Justice, Reconciliation and Non-recurrence, the Judicial Mechanism, the Office of Missing Persons and the Office of Reparations.

Together with the Ministries and government agencies, these mechanisms, will provide much needed relief to the daily struggle of the thousands of Muslims who remain in IDP camps, are struggling to return to their homes or are dealing with the losses of loved ones.

“These mechanisms will not only address the suffering and grievances of members of the Muslim community, they will also address the grievances and concerns of members of the Sinhala and Tamil communities and the concerns of other minority groups,” he said.

The Foreign Minister was speaking at an event held today to mark the commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of the expulsion of Muslims from the North.

In October 1990 the LTTE gave 75,000 Muslims under forty-eight hours to leave their ancestral homes across the North and take nothing more than their clothes and 500 rupees to live in IDP camps – where an estimated 80 percent remain 25 years later.

Samaraweera said that a few Tamils criticized the LTTE while many justified their actions and even today Muslims returning to their homes face majoritarian resistance from Tamil bureaucrats. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Me and my family plus other thousands were kicked out of our villages more than 25 years…exactly since 1987. Our villages lie in the edges of Palali Base. You don’t want to talk about it? Only LTTE did

  2. Mr. Samaraveera, where have you been all these years since 1990? You were in more than one government during the last 25 years while these Muslims were still in IDP camps. Everybody was scared to talk about them including Rauf Hakim and TNA because of LTTE involvement.

  3. Muslims betrayed Tamils by aiding and abetting Sinhala oppressive Regimes. They exactly did that for years. They have only one motive “THEIR” survival by immorally unorthodox way. LTTE was brutal may be for a reason.

    • I fully agree with you,the muslims during the war aided and abetted the soldiers not only in the north but also in the east.In the east most of the killings were done by muslim home guards,what about the killings in Udupankulam,Sathurukondan,Sammanthurai,Vantharoomoolai etc? The muslims are like chameleon,they support any goverment which won after the election for their benifit.What is happening in the eastern province goverment,the puppets of the TNA supported the muslim congress to form the provincial council but most of the develpement is done only in muslim areas,the tamils are deprived in the area of education,health and other activities.I totally blame Mr.Sampanthan for not taking notice of what ishappening to tamils in the east.Coporation and colloboration is possible with the muslims if the tamil areas are equally developed.

  4. US cannot that assure for Muslims of nations that to their life of safety any country which that guarantee by US and UNP-Ranil…W….
    How can Sri Lankan govt. can guarantee that Muslim of an Island that their safety of life in North?

    Muslims in Globally are basically has been victims of US led aggressions. Muslim Congress of Sri lanka is outfit of US-back policies.

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