Alanki Sri Lanka’s pick for Miss Pancontinental

wpid-received_10205867293185091Kishani Alanki Perera has been officially selected to represent Sri Lanka at the inaugural international beauty pageant Miss Pancontinental to be held from 19th November 2015 to 30th November 2015 in the exotic Philippines.

Kishani is a well known actress and tv presenter in Srilanka . However she was keen to be a human rights lawyer and therefore pursued and completed her degree in law.

She is immensely loved by the youth in Srilanka and looked upon as a role model not only for being a tv personality but also for her commitment to charity and community work.

Infact she was named as an ambassador of the Foundation of Goodness which is a reputed local NGO due to her contributions to underprivileged children and has been fundraising every month for donations to help kids in rural areas of Srilanka to get a good education.

Since she works towards helping educate kids, she wishes to use this experience in the pageant as a platform to educate children about leading a healthy lifestyle and raising global awareness about the importance of being healthy. (Courtesy