Joint opposition questions state of democracy

3The joint opposition today questioned the state of democracy in Parliament saying that the Government is now controlling the activities of the House.

National Freedom Front leader and joint opposition member, Parliamentarian Wimal Weerawansa said that even the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) is being controlled by the Government.

He says even the State sector is in disarray as no one wants to give directions fearing if the Government changes then they will be hauled before the Financial Crimes police unit and be questioned on corruption.

The Parliamentarian says the Government is attempting to silence the voices of the 48 joint opposition members in Parliament since they are the only ones raising concerns over the Government in Parliament.

Weerawansa claimed that only one section of the people are happy and that is the Tamil National Alliance and the Tamil Diaspora.

He says the Government is taking decisions based on the demands of the TNA and the Diaspora and not the general public.

Weerawansa noted that Global Tamil Forum President Father S.J.Emmanuel had said that he will be visiting Sri Lanka soon as he has been invited by the Government.

Father S.J.Emmanuel was included in a proscribed list by the former Government over alleged links to terrorism.

Weerawansa also said that he will file a complaint with the human rights commission against the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) for arresting him recently over his passport.

He said that there was no basis for the CID to arrest him and that is why he was given bail by the Court.

The Parliamentarian says while the State sector is suffering the only institutions really active these days are the institutions investigation fraud.

He says the Government is using those institutions to cover the real situation in the country. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Democracy today in reality is the power of the mighty.the mighty dictates and the majority follows the dictats of the mighty wheather they like it or not.what we specielly in the develöpingcounties Need, is not Democracy but a System to elevate the Quality of life of the suffering exploited masses.the Imperialist soviet republic under Stalin and till tte soviet block disintergrated and China under mao were the most undemocratic Fascist prisons in the world after hitler.usa is a Terror Country,creats onlly Problems for the world for the bettrerment of their aims and the Christian developed puppet counties of the the USA Supports USA blindly because Democracy is nothing but power of the mighty and it is the same in s.l. and you are not the Moment the devels China and russia are opposing the Christian march to Control the world,but we People of the developing world loves the way what have you got against fr, emmanuell.i know him fot the last 15 years,and he only wants Democracy and due rights for his People.

  2. the lament of a loser and a crook. this guy is the most corrupt an should have been locked up permanently. His cry about democracy is the biggest joke of the century.

  3. First and foremost this A– hole and his wife be barred from attending the chamber for cheating the immigration, laws and birth certificate.
    These bums have no right to utter a word about good governance.
    If the govt is stalling ,the public should get him on citizen arrest.

  4. Since comments are regulted behalf of this yapalanaya regime, there is no liberty to bring people,s ideas.
    you in the hands of this regime. Do not think we canot bring our views through other uncontrolled media


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