Maldives FM to brief diplomats in Colombo

CroppedImage720324-HepMFAThe Maldives Government is to brief the diplomatic community on the arrest of Maldives Vice President Ahmed Adeeb Abdul Ghafoor.

Maldives Foreign Minister Dunya Maumoon will be in Sri Lanka tomorrow to brief the diplomats based in Colombo and affiliated to the Maldives.

Maumoon is also scheduled to meet the Sri Lankan media for a briefing on the latest developments following the arrest of the arrest of the Vice President.

The Government of the Maldives announced that the Maldives Police Service had arrested Vice President Ahmed Adeeb Abdul Ghafoor recently under a court warrant in connection to the investigation into a bomb blast that occurred last month on the Presidential speedboat.

Vice President Adeeb was detained by the Police immediately on his return from an official visit to China.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Abdulla Nawaaz said had said that Adeeb had been detained by the police following an extensive investigation by both local and international agencies.

Maumoon later said in a statement that with the evidence of an internationally led investigation appearing to link the Vice President to the attack, the Government and agencies had no choice but to act decisively.

She said that the matter is extremely unfortunate but the administration is determined to ensure that the investigation and any subsequent actions are conducted swiftly and with complete transparency.

The Foreign Minister also assured that the President remains unwavering in his commitment to lead a strong, unified government that will continue to meet the serious challenges facing the people of the Maldives. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Is it right for us to allow our soil to be used for this latest exercise by the corrupt Gayyooms?

    With the greatest difficulty we’ve got rid of our own Dictator. The Maldives has a much smaller population, but the situation there is much worse than it ever was here, under the Rajapaksas.

    They elected a very decent man, Mohamed Nasheed, as President about five years ago. He was plagued by the same problems as our new government is: a judiciary packed with judges loyal to the previous regime. In exasperation he had the most corrupt of the judges – a relatively minor character arrested for a couple of days; arrested only, mind you – not subjected to any harassment. Also, please note that the arrested judge was NOT the Chief Justice, as some Sri Lankans vaguely imagine.

    Nasheed is a decent, liberal Muslim, concerned about the poor, and about climate change. He was tried on “Terrorism” charges – the alleged offence: arrest of the corrupt judge!

    Read carefully the report above. Two Vice-Presidents sacked by the Gayyooms, a Defence Minister jailed for possessing a gun! The second Vice-President, Ahmed Adeeb, appears to be a 33-year old gangster, with links to Sri Lankan Drug Lords Wele Sudha and Duminda Silva. Adeeb is not a desirable sort, but to remove him from office, a two-thirds majority vote in the Majlis is necessary. They can’t get it without the support of Nasheed’s party – which is unlikely to be forthcoming.

    But that may not matter; given the gravity of Adeeb’s crime, they may execute the man while he’s still Vice-President! I will not shed many tears upon the execution of a drug-dealer!!

    This foreign Minister who is coming today is the daughter of ex-President (unrepentant Dictator for 30 years) Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom, half-brother of the current Dictator. There’s nepotism for you! Even at this late stage, can’t we deny her a visa?

    I don’t know about the intricacies of the law, but I tell you, this whole business stinks. The only way out is to immediately conduct Presidential Elections conducted by the United Nations, where the Gayyooms can face a run-off with Mohamed Nasheed, whom we should recognise as the legitimate leader of the Maldives.

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