Massive piece of space junk to fall near Sri Lanka

asteroid-gettyA huge piece of space debris – which may date from the Apollo space missions – is on a collision course with Earth and is expected to fall near Sri Lanka, the Independent reported.

Scientists warn the manmade junk, officially designated WT1190F but nicknamed WTF, will strike Earth at about 6.15am on November 13.

Much of the hollow object, which may be a spent rocket stage or panelling shed by a recent Moon mission, should burn up in the atmosphere.

But any remnants could dive bomb from the skies – and an international team of astronomers are using it to test emergency plans for dealing with potentially apocalyptic space objects.

WT1190F, which is one to two metres in diameter, is expect to fall in the Indian Ocean about 40 miles off the southern tip of Sri Lanka.

Independent astronomy software developer Bill Gray, who has been working to track the debris with Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, told journal Nature: “I would not necessarily want to be going fishing directly underneath it.”

Much space junk orbits the Earth, but WT1190F is the first known piece to re-enter the atmosphere.

The disruptive gravity of the Sun and Moon are thought to have kicked it into a highly elliptical orbit, far outside the Moon’s, which has put it on a collision course with Earth.

An asteroid hurtling through space at 78,000mph is set to skim past Earth on Halloween.

A joint US-European is to practice protecting Earth from going the way of the dinosaurs by crashing a spaceship into an asteroid, knock it off course, in a scheme right out of a Hollywood blockbuster. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Are u sure its going to fall on the said date and time what if it falls before and what if its land inside Sri Lanka.I think everyone should take precautions.

    • There is no precaution that we can realistically take; I dare say that MaRa could have dived in to one of the bunkers he had constructed, but would he do when the next hazard has to be faced.

      Come to think of it, there are things like what will Prince Zeid do to him. I tell you that there is no solution to every problem! I’m sure that he was very happy when that Pillai woman retired and “an Arab” took his place. But now see!

      Best thing is to meditate upon the fact that Death must visit us some day, and accept that melancholy fate:

  2. I wish it lands on top of the rajapakse’s head. Or his bros who are partner in evil actions. Who brought the whole country into a crisis and robbed every penny. Mafia family. Fuckerys. Die in hell.

  3. This cannot be very dangerous, so don’t worry about it. but still we cannot determine the 100 percent correct position, Like A-GPS.

    I found somebody said “The falling location can be changed by ‘Wind’ “. How is it possible?. This cannot be happen because, it was faster than wind. but there is a chance to blown in mid air.

    Anyway , pray your god ‘ Do not fall in the city ‘.

  4. It’s not fallen yet. Now It’s 1.16 pm to Srilanka(13/11/2015). I wish that asteroid to fall far away from our country. If it fall on any city,think of the number of lives we may loss. Pray your god and wish everyone to be safe….


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