TNA parties hold meeting on crucial issues

TNAThe political parties represented in the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) met yesterday (Sunday) to discuss several crucial issues.

Among the issues discussed was to register the TNA as a political party as well as matters of National interests.

Alliance members in the TNA have been discussing the need to register the TNA as a political party but the discussions have yet to see progress.

TNA alliance members have also had differences of opinion on the recent resolution on Sri Lanka adopted at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC).


  1. Tamils need a Think Tank and central organization committee to implement good policies. Tamils missed good opportunities, because they don’t have a Think Tank. In fact, India and the West have been making decision for Tamils. India created handful of Tamil armed groups to divide and rule Tamils. The West created more than fifteen diaspora organizations to divide and rule Tamils. Tamils have been divided more than their imagination. Therefore, Tamil schools must teach the value of unity for Tamils children. We need to create a smart generation in 15-20 years. Sinhalese people must help Tamils, otherwise the foreign powers will continue to use Tamils, this will impact Tamils and Sinhalese adversely.


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