Karunanidhi, Ramadoss push for foreign probe on Lanka

karunanidhiIndia’s DMK leader M Karunanidhi and PMK founder S. Ramadoss made a strong case for an international inquiry into human rights violations in the final phase of the civil war in Sri Lanka, arguing that the Presidential Commission to investigate into complaints regarding missing persons had found the allegations credible, The Hindu newspaper reported.

The report of the Maxwell Paranagama Commission tabled in Sri Lankan Parliament called for an independent judicial investigation into the war crime allegations.

“India can no longer maintain a position that Sri Lanka is a friendly nation. It should take steps for an international inquiry and it should not be held in Sri Lanka,” Karunanidhi said.

Dr Ramadoss, though rejected the observation of the Commission that there was no genocide, said the Tamils would get justice only if there was an international inquiry.


  1. This self-centered old man haven’t prepared smart Tamil politicians for the future generation, but enjoying the perks as the leader of DMK, even though he is too old to think straight. India got independence through non-violence. Why this man allowed young Tamils to become terrorists? African Americans were first brought to the America as slaves in 1526. President Abraham Lincoln abolished the slave trade in 1863. President J F Kennedy gave equal rights for African Americans in 1963. Finally, African Americans got their voting rights in 1965. Centuries have gone, but African Americans haven’t taken arms against the majority nor irritated the majority by joining with other country, but educated the majority to respect and value every citizen. Singaporeans also haven’t taken arms against Malaysians, nor joined with Indonesians to irritate Malaysians. Why Tamil politicians in Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu can’t think straight? Why they are terrified to listen to people like me?


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