Kerry notes gains made in Lanka from democracy

KerryUS Secretary of State John Kerry says democracy has made major gains in Sri Lanka.

Kerry was speaking at a dinner in Washington hosted by Foreign Policy in honor of their presentation of the Diplomat of the Year award.

In his speech Kerry said that the US is involved in several countries, including Sri Lanka where change has taken place but none of the results or initiatives were the result of American leadership alone.

“Let me be absolutely clear about that. A lot of countries stood up. Yet none, I think, of these initiatives I just talked about would have necessarily taken place or gotten where they got to without American participation and support,” he said.

Kerry was in Sri Lanka last May where he championed the new Sri Lankan government’s push for democratic reform and promised closer ties with Sri Lanka.

During his Sri Lanka visit Kerry said US officials would provide technical assistance to Colombo on a range of matters, including anti-corruption efforts and returning stolen assets. (Colombo Gazette)


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