Hussein tells UNGA, report on Lanka historic

ZeidThe United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein told the United Nations General Assembly that his report on Sri Lanka was “historic”.

He made the comments on Sri Lanka after presenting the annual report of his Office for August 2014 to July 2015 to the Third Committee at the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

“In recent weeks my office issued a historic report on reconciliation, accountability and human rights in Sri Lanka, following a comprehensive investigation into alleged serious violations human rights during the armed conflict that was mandated by the Human Rights Council,” he said.

He said that during the period covered in his annual report his office continued to support investigations by commissions of inquiry and fact-finding missions in the Central African Republic, Sri Lanka and the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

The High Commissioner said that requests for his office to provide field-based technical cooperation have considerably expanded, particularly in follow-up to the Universal Periodic Review. At July 2015, the field presences of his office numbered 64.

“These resources are significant, and the quality and dedication of our staff are considerable, but they pale in comparison to the challenge of addressing today’s human rights crises. The Office has responded to needs, opportunities and requests from Member States, UN partners and humanity worldwide. These steadily increasing requests have outpaced our budget,” he said.

He also noted that his office will strengthen its work in New York, to better mainstream human rights in the development and peace and security agendas and will recast roles and divisions at Headquarters, to eliminate duplication, consolidate thematic expertise and more effectively support the human rights mechanisms. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Prince Hussaein

    The Muslims are trying to convert Sri Lanka into a Muslim Country.

    We are the Sinhala Budhist Country and we cannot allow the Muslims to control us..

    You are an extremist Muslim and Marzouki Daruman from Indonesia who prepared the false report is an Indonesian Muslim Fanatic.

    You both are trying to destroy our Sinhala Budhist land and please go away you have no business with Sri Lanka.

  2. Hussein why people has lost faith in the crappy UN is that it is just a baseless puppet. The United States of America bombed a hospital for hours in Afghanistan after it was reported. It killed innocent doctors. There response was it was JUST AN ACCIDENT. The shitty United Nations accepted that its an accident, yet blame the Sri Lankan Military for shelling a hospital ? Be fair with nations without benefiting your self you selfish mongrel.

  3. These are all words but not in deeds. The report was a common general report but not a fact finding report. The Sri Lankan Government has initially refused entry into Sri lanka to the UNHRC team to investigate into the allegations of war crimes and secondly the report submitted later to the United National Assembly was watered down and made null and void. The home made investigation, in whatever form it may be, will not serve the purpose it was intended to be. It has all become a political fiasco in the name of the massacred Tamil civilians. Someone has to pay for it someday.

    • It is not someone or someday,we all paid the price.
      Economy was in shit!
      The communication between communities are nill.
      Do not respect thw law and order.
      No sample politicians to follow.
      Minorities are after blood.
      Saudi Wahabis having a field day converting moderate muslims to extremists.
      TamilNadu playing god with thier dirty politics to extend the sea going for the bottomtrwallers own by or directly link to politicos.
      Americans playing games since the previous regime did not care and they need a military base as the lease for the Deago Garcia is over.

  4. your report are completely fake, null and avoid, no one in sri lanka accept that. they report given priority to protect most dangerous terrorist in the world. that is why it is historic as you said. check our home report. information has been taken by LTTE Terror and made your report.

    • Yes no one,especially the saffron clad skin heads and the pakse thugs dont agree with your report.

      They also still believe the earth is flat!

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