Callum Macrae urges local TV to show war film

No Fire Zone Director Callum MacraeThe director of the Emmy-nominated feature documentary No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka has welcomed the conclusion in Sri Lanka’s long delayed Paranagama report that the video evidence in No Fire Zone is “unlikely to be faked”.

The director, Callum Macrae, has called on Sri Lankan television networks to broadcast the film as soon as possible: “Now that our findings and our evidence have been so clearly vindicated, not just by the recent report released by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, but also by this report ordered by the Sri Lankan government itself, there can be no excuse to delay transmission any longer.”

“The need to understand the truth about these crimes, find justice and end state impunity is something that will benefit every community of Sri Lanka,” he said. “For too long ordinary people have been denied the truth – yet no-one has anything to fear from that truth except the guilty.”

“I call on the people who run Sri Lanka’s television stations to have the courage to transmit this film as soon as possible. I also call on President Sirisena – in the interests of truth and justice – to encourage Sri Lankan television to show the film in its entirety.”

The report of the Commission into missing persons and other abuses was headed by retired Sri Lankan High Court Judge Maxwell Paranagama. It was ordered by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa. According to extracts of the report, the Commission concluded that the video evidence in the film and in various Channel 4 news reports and films was “credible” and “unlikely to be faked”.

The report suggests that some of the events depicted are likely to qualify as “war crimes” and that “the alleged attacks on hospitals and make-shift hospitals are widespread enough to potentially reach the crimes against humanity threshold”. It also states that a military court of inquiry may appear to “lack the impartiality and independence to inspire confidence” and rejects the views of those who would “seek to deny the international community any right to investigate what took place in the final states of the conflict”. Instead it appears to endorse some form of hybrid process, citing the example of the internationalized court set up in the Gambia in 1981.

Last March Macrae delivered a copy of the Sinhala version of No Fire Zone to President Maithripala Sirisena and called on him to encourage Sri Lankan television stations to broadcast it. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. If Macrae is genuine about fair play and ” impartial ” reporting, then not only his “fabricated Killing Fields” be shown on TV but also the response to this movie, produced by the Sri Lankan defence Ministry, should also be broadcast through the BBC and other TV channels that had shown his version of events. I hope Mr Macrae will have the guts to face the exposure of his fabrications, by canvassing his employer BBC to broadcast the response to his movie.
    As for his Killing Fields movie, many believe it had been produced by the LTTE and given to him to show on Ch4 but since edited by him to remove discrepancies in the early versions, which exposed the possibility of LTTE committing these crimes or it has been produced in a studio by LTTE actors.

  2. Why doesn’t a film producer of Sri Lanka or of any other country produce a film or documentary spotlighting the grave atrocities committed by the LTTE during the course of the war, when there is a deluge of evidence and thousands of pictures available to corroborate including the involvement of Adele Balasingham?

    • Because the LTTE has done everything with the blessing of the West. Therefore, nobody can match as the West when it comes to dividing others by creating dirty propaganda. Even the devil feels inadequate when it comes to doing evil, because it can’t compete with the West.

      • LTTE is Terrorist Organisation if the same mistake done by the Sri lanka Govt. what we will called sri lanka also a terrorist country. Kindly Note LTTE emerge becuase of atrocities by the Sri Lanka Govt.from the sinhala Racist.

  3. We love to see this much advertised footage. There may be something in it that would open our eyes to hidden realities.

  4. You are a coward. Are you afraid of America. Talk about bombing of hospital in Afganistan by America if you have guts.

  5. Even with the so-called media freedom, this award-winning piece of journalism will not be made public due
    to sinhala politics – thats the truth. The educated may have seen most of it on the web and had to keep silent.
    Gota and MR will have had a view over a drink!

  6. We are not interested whether you were right or wrong.If crimes were committed, they were committed to save the majority from terrorists. .Mr Mcrae please stop creating hate within communities in Srilanka.

  7. Obviously, the longest civil war in Asia created bitter ending. However, we must understand who were behind and backed this longest civil war. Nobody can divide others and create disasters as the West. I am fighting a tough battle to survive in Sri Lanka while educating Tamils, Sinhalese and Muslims about the West. Two of my brothers and my sister haven’t passed A/L. They have been easily manipulated and used by the West. On top of that this country has a track record for fighting the longest civil war, it shows this country’s knowledge power. Fighting against the West is not easy; but my family members, relatives, friends and fellow countrymen are making my task much tougher. You don’t know what is like fighting against the West while surrounded by foolish family members, crazy countrymen and divided Asians. I wish you could understand a bit of my struggles while I try to accomplish one of the toughest jobs in the world.

    • Please dont defame a world renowned documentary producer .
      You become a part of the laughing stock of stinking sinking lanka.
      Be ashamed of yourself!!

      • Sri Lankan civil war is the longest civil war in Asia. How can you run a longest war in Asia without the blessing of the West? I am the founder of Asia Unites. Billions of Asians’ unity is a threat to the Western dominant power. So the West stopped the funding for Asia Unites by its dirty propaganda. Asia Unites could not even get one dollar from the billions of Asians who are 58% of the world population. If the West can do that, why it couldn’t stop the funding for the LTTE, ISIS and al qaeda? Because the LTTE, ISIS and al qaeda divide others and create disasters, it helps the West to keep its dominant power. You are the real laughing stock, because you are a fool, you can’t understand the reality. Nobody can match the West when it comes to dividie others to create disasters by its dirty propaganda. Even the devil feels inadequate when it comes to doing evil, because he can’t compete with the West.

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