President says no room for another war

0320-1140x488President Maithripala Sirisena says there must not be any room for another war to erupt in Sri Lanka.

A group of representatives of the World Alliance of Religions‘  Peace Summit met President Maithripala Sirisena today at the official residence of the President.

The representatives commended the program carried out by the new government led by President Sirisena to build peace and reconciliation in Sri Lanka and extended their best wishes for the success of the program.

The President emphasized that there must not be any room for a war again in Sri Lanka as the nation suffered from a three-decade war.

“Assistance from all religious leaders is essential to accomplish the program carried out by the government to build peace and reconciliation among different communities in Sri Lanka”, he said.

He also pointed out the intervention of religious leaders on behalf of Sri Lanka at international level is necessary.

Venerable Dr Bellanwila Vimalarathana Thero, the Ven. Brahmanawaththe Seewali Thero and other religious leaders participated at the meeting.


  1. Tamil Tiger Terrorists were dreaming of separate State so they began the war; incited by India then continued by West. If any Sri Lankan Government in the past had agreed to surrender, then war would have been over. Sirisena is doing “this” so there is no reason for war. No credit should be given to him, as he is inexperienced to see the long term effects of what he is doing now.

    • religion has only created crusades and death. Catholic Muslim, Sinhala Buddhist (sucking off the goodness of Daisy lama whom the west needed for a short span of 50 years)
      Study culture and art
      LTTE was spawned by RAW of Hindia not incited. Hindia did not want a north south division either which would have been bad for itself – Aryan – Dravidian

      Stupid Truman and Stupid school drop out Churchill divided the sub continent with `bad logic` and confidence of the Anglo Saxon.

      Anyway there is nothing that the Sinhala speaking tamils or tamil speaking tamils can do because the island does not belong to anyone but is being taken over by Hindia to make it the hong kong for mainland Hindia.
      Both Tamil and Sinhala are stupid and if there is a fight the neighbour Hindia would gain immense ground.
      It does not belong to S or T or Sinhala Buddhist Tattes because the British gave it on a platter. It was always governed from Madras like Andaman

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