China seeks equal treatment in ties with Lanka

W020151020751738162642China hopes ties with Sri Lanka can result in deeper economic cooperation and trade on the basis of equal treatment.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying said that the practical cooperation between the two sides is based on equality and mutual benefit.

“China and Sri Lanka are close neighbors enjoying traditional friendship. The practical cooperation between the two sides is based on equality and mutual benefit, and has contributed to the economic and social development of Sri Lanka. We hope that the two sides can deepen economic cooperation and trade on the basis of equal treatment and win-win results so as to deliver benefits to the two countries and two peoples,” she said.

Hua Chunying was responding to comments made by Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake where he had expressed his apprehension about the burden being inflicted by loans from China and hoped to renegotiate these loans so as to lessen the impact on Sri Lanka’s economy. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Obviously, the current Sri Lankan Prime Minister and diapora leaders wouldn’t have finished the bloody civil war. Self-centered Tamil diaspora leaders have fallen to the West’s tricks for their own survival. Now the Sri Lankan Prime Minister and Foreign Minister have fallen as well. It is a disaster for Sri Lanka, Indian Ocean and Asia. Sri Lanka doesn’t have leaders; how can you call yourself a leader in Asia when you isolate China. In fact, the current Sinhalese leaders and diapora leaders are isolating me to please the West; why wouldn’t they isolate China? Sri Lanka and Asia would have been better off, if those leaders never born.

  2. It looks like SL politicians are coming to senses when running out cash. They should have re-negotiated interest rates while being friendly with China, not after insulting China.

    Me Modayo kaheda igangathe?

  3. To spite the face CUT out the nose.
    That is what the yahapalanaya IDIOTS HAVE done by insulting and humiliating China to get even with Rajapakshe.
    No amount of FCIDs, Weliamunas or Dilrukshis & CIDs are going to bring in funds for SL.

    Since then, Sinhala NY time 2015 China invested $ 47b for Rail & Road & Port developments projects in Pakistan.
    Today, Pounds 20b Investments in the UK and the President Xi hosted by the Queen.

    Yahapalanaya has crucified the Port City Project & humiliated President Xi & China.
    As a result, Sri Lanka has lost out on China funds. Yahapalanaya is lost without funds & no ready lenders with or without regulations.

    Hope of getting money from the diaspora will be like getting water from a stone. Yahapalanaya will have to sell the North & East.
    Sorry Yahapalanaya …. Moda Siras & moreover that alleged credible RW &l credible politicians there did not know how to balance the East & the West.

    Yahapalanaya failed to appreciate & value CHINA.

  4. China provides 4 Bn. Pounds to UK and helping for 50000 jobs in UK and also investing in 40% stakes in Energy and improving multi billions international trade between both nations …these come under China’s One Route One Belt project…
    In addition to these all UK signs with China’s Infrastructure Bank.
    China is true friendly nation who always look common interest…

    Sri Lanka as a nation should benefit from China in investment corporations and development needs .At the same time Sri Lanka should keep tie with western nations as our majority o f exports are done to these countries therefore increasing ties with both side is important as important to give both side equal chance of relationship with us

    • Some Sri Lankan brain dead politicians do not know how to grab an opportunity. They only know how to fatten their wallets & score cheap political points.

      Now British & US who were critical of SL’s closeness to China, is begging for Chines investments in their countries.
      Hypocritical west is bankrupt.

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