Sri Lanka joins world culinary trends to launch ‘Chocolate-Mite’

01. Bianca de Silva, Brand Manager - Marmite, of Unilever Sri Lanka and celebrity Chocolatier Gerard MendisAs world culinary trends adventure with savoury-sweet combinations, Unilever Sri Lanka joins hands with Sri Lanka’s celebrity chocolatier Gerard Mendis to wed the unmistakable saltiness of Marmite with the sweetness of chocolate. The result is an interesting, and in fact, a daring gastronomic experience – Chocolate-Mite.

“This was both a challenging yet fun experience. With international chocolate trends venturing with ‘Salted Caramel’ and ‘Chilli Chocolate’, I was delighted to partner with Unilever and marry Marmite with Chocolate. The flavour is novel and different and even avant-garde at times. It allures you and grows on your taste buds and then there’s no turning back”, assured celebrity chocolatier Gerard Mendis.

Bianca de Silva, Brand Manager – Marmite, of Unilever Sri Lanka states, “Generations of Sri Lankans have grown up with the taste of Marmite. Its savoury note can also be used as a relish or as a yummy ingredient thus making mealtimes magical. In this journey of creating mealtime magic we are happy to partner with Chocolatier Gerard Mendis and create extra magic with Chocolate. Marmite’s Mealtime Magic henceforth brings connoisseurs ‘Chocolate-Mite’ and takes the experience to a whole new level”.


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