President thanks China for continuous assistance

Maithripala SirisenaPresident Maithripala Sirisena expressed deep appreciation to China for providing continuous assistance for the development of Sri Lanka.

He made these remarks when he met with a group of senior delegation of the Communist Party of China, headed by the Party’s Deputy Leader and the Deputy Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress Zhang Baowen, at the President’s Official Residence in Colombo today.

“When we travel across the Colombo as well as around the country we can see many development projects funded by the government of China”, the President said, adding that he expects the continuous assistance of the government of China to the Sri Lankan government in the future too in achieving the development goals of the country.

Sri Lanka expects the fullest cooperation from China to overcome the challenge of poverty in the country, President Sirisena said.

The two leaders specially discussed about the long standing relationship between Sri Lanka and China as well as the relationship between the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) and the Communist Party of China. The President recalled that every time when SLFP forms a government the relationship between the government and the Communist Party was strengthened.

The President thanked them for the continuous assistance provided for Sri Lanka by China in international fora.

The President also expressed his appreciation over the service rendered by the Chinese Ambassador in Sri Lanka to strengthen the ties between the two countries. Zhang Baowen presented a memento to the President on this occasion. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. UK is now heading for more Chinese Investments is several projects including that Nuclear Plant and High Speed Train services London to Birmingham.
    And more Investments from China.

    UK is leading country in Europe having more independent policy from US global strategy.
    Cameroon is belongs to party of Conseversity that politics of UK has change agenda and his mindset.

    But UNP-RW still belongs to anti-China camp and as well as CBK of SLFP an opposed Investment from China.

    This is the tragedy of Sri Lankan politics has undermined our economic development by influence of Indian -RAW and US ‘war crime’ agenda.

    We are for any investments is support for our nation development is welcome.
    An Investment has no race ,color of any country as long it server of Development and democracy strategy of Sri lanka.

  2. Sirisena started the election campaign accusing Rajapaksa getting Chinese projects to Sri Lanka. The Sirisena joined USA and India to defeat Rajapaksa. What is the difference when Rajapaksa getting coles to China and Sirisena doing the same?


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