UPFA WPC member Upali Kodikara arrested

Upali KodikaraUnited People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) Western Provincial Council (WPC) member Upali Kodikara was arrested today for obstructing police duty.

He was produced before a Magistrate and remanded till Friday October 23.

Kodikara was seen on television pushing a police officer who had attempted to prevent him from getting into a lift at the Presidential commission on serious fraud at the BMICH last week.

The WPC member was following former President Mahinda Rajapaksa inside the commission office when a police officer attempted to stop him.

Kodikara however pushed the police officer resulting in his cap falling on the ground, and got into the lift. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. These thugs do not realise that Mahina is no more. Legal laws of the country were violated and illegal laws were practiced. Now thugs must be taught to obey the Laws of the land. Those who cannot follow must be hanged, so that Mahinda too will learn the Laws of the land. HANG THEM HIGH.

  2. There’s indiscipline in the country mainly created by uneducated arrogant and ignorant politicians and they should not be let of lightly and punished severely.
    In civilized and truly a Buddhist country by practice a very high ranking politician of the ruling party resigned for calling the police on duty a PLEB.
    Will this ever happened in Sri Lanka?Is this the culture that MR claimed to have when he met David Cameron in Colombo where he stupidly uttered ‘You don’t know our culture?’ Colonials did gave us a decent culture that was eroded into a medieval type,especially by our two bit politicians and pseudo nationalists.

  3. These village jokers think MR governing modes are still valid. Yes, good job in arresting him.And as a lesson to the others who even would think of doing this throw him in with WeleSuda!

  4. How many police officers should be in prisons then for insulting, kicking, pushing, baton charging, torturing, injuring and/or killing innocent people

  5. He should have been arrested at the same time when he was back from the lift.
    At the same time like to remind you to arrest NFF brother who removed the Cap of DIG in front of “Weerasinghe Pannikiyas Satyagahaya”.

  6. If he is acting like this being a PC member, what can we expect of his behaviour if he is an MP or a govt Minister?
    These guys still haven’t learnt the lesson people have taught them! They are the ones who brought down MR!

  7. This man was remanded in1970’s, when he was at Mr.Quintus Perera’s Father’s funeral for stealing a very valuable wrist watch belongs to Mr. Kuda Mawalagedera. This can be verify by calling 0714126030 or Mobile Phone

  8. Government must teach this kind of politicos how control their behavior in front of the law and order. Also, should not keep any lacking point to do unlawful action by these politicos which they had practices under the previous time.Concept of Rule of Law must teach them.

    • Mr PIYAL, I am sorry to say that you sound as good as Mr Kodikara, Please refrain from talking in this manner about our Police Service. They may have certain faults but we are proud of them. Please give them time to become super efficient service for us. Encourage and motivate them to do an efficient service. We must begin to appreciate what our Police service as been through in the last 15 odd years … give them time they are doing their best to provide a world class service to us under these circumstances. I think you should apologise to the Police Service for your out of taste comment. Thank you.

      • Well spoken. Such derogatory comments could demotivate our Police force, they went through a lot in the hands of MR and his cronies. At last now they are allowed to exercise the law and bring order to the country with self respect and uphold the prestige of their job. Let’s all be in one mind to get this country on track again !!

  9. He is not fit to represent the People, he should be striped of his title (member of WPC) and sent home after a good Jail sentence with rigorous work until his weight comes down to 65 Kg, Also he should be disqualified for life from contesting in any form of Elections and holding any public office. It would be nice to introduce Public lashing for politicians in Galle face green rather than any other punishment. I hope the Police will give him a good Welcome in the remand for these few days when he is locked up. For ridiculing the uniform of the law enforcing authorities. He is a B A H.

    • Why don’t you show the same enthusiasm in investigating and/or arresting Mahendran without making a media stunt out of a trivial case?

  10. Arresment is too late, he should be arrest then and their on that day at BMICH, a former minister behave like that, we citizens saw the video clip how he disrespect that high rank police office, I believe he things still they are in power, bugger should put behind bar for 6 month with out bail,

    Next time please do not allow any to go inside the permises,

    • He should arrest on the same day at same time. Still they are trying to show their power. It is damn good put him behind bars till 23rd Oct.

    • This is what MR is still banking on, he wants ppl to tag behind him wherever he goes and upset the investigations by attracting the media focus. No one should be allowed inside other than those necessary to give evidence. And why was MR being questioned at BMICH ?? Law should be equal to all, that too needs to be brought to the attention of the President who is set on bringing good governance to this country.


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