Alyssa Miller loving her time in Sri Lanka

alyssa-miller-le-body-painting-lui-va-si-paint-109201065It is hard to believe that American model Alyssa Miller is still only 26 years old, as it feels like she has been working in the modelling industry forever, becoming one of the top models in the business, as well as becoming one of our favourites along with it.

With that said, Alyssa has been in the modelling industry for many years now, landing some impressive modelling gigs along the way.
By becoming one of the top models in the industry, you find yourself being a much sought after beauty, with many people wanting to work with you.

This leads to you getting offers that will see you travelling to countries all over the world, which is exactly what Alyssa Miller has enjoyed over the course of her modelling career, including some recent modelling work.
550x298_Alyssa-Miller-loving-her-time-in-Sri-Lanka-8313Alyssa Miller has been spending some time in Sri Lanka, where she has been working on some new modelling gig, and this stunning star has been sharing her experience with her fans and followers.

Alyssa has repeatedly posted pictures of her Sri Lanka trip on her official Instagram account, showing her fans and followers what a great time she is having there.

It is not all fun and games though, as Alyssa Miller does have plenty of modelling work to get on with while in Sri Lanka, and the American beauty has also shared a number of photos from her Sri Lanka shoot, on Instagram. It definitely looks like Alyssa has been having a great time in Sri Lanka and we look forward to seeing what the finished photoshoot brings us. (Courtesy


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