TNA will stage fast if President makes u-turn

Maithripala SirisenaThe Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has warned that it will stage a fast if President Maithripala Sirisena makes a u-turn on his assurance to the Tamil political prisoners.

The Tamil political prisoners had suspended their fast unto death yesterday after the President assured a solution to their concerns.

The assurance was conveyed to the prisoners by the TNA, including opposition and TNA leader R. Sampanthan.

The TNA however said that if the President fails to meet his commitments by November 7 the prisoners will resume their fast and the TNA will also join them.

The prisoners have been demanding their release or to be tried for the charges raised against them.

Several prisoners detained under the Prevention of Terrorism Act, have not be presented to court.

The President has assured that those facing minor charges will be released but the hardcore former LTTE cadres will remain in prison. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Why is the TNA so keen to get these prisoners found guilty of major crimes, be released before an investigation? Could it be that these prisoners would come out with vital information against LTTE activists now enjoying freedom around the world? So by getting them released would be like a bribe to keep them silent.

  2. If TNA stages a fast (farce) it would be a best comedy in our political arena. The most baffling question is why does TNA still supports this government if they cannot get this job done which is perhaps one of the firsts in their ‘to do list’. Now they are trying to copy the Tamil Nadu politicians who are famous for fasting for almost every thing. Shame on you TNA and the leader of the opposition! Are you going to fast too to win other rights of the Tamils? MS is taking you guys for granted.

  3. The Tamil political prisoners need to be released in order to start the reconciliation process between the Sinhalese and Tamil speaking Sri Lankans. Can the President why KP, and Karuna who are ex LTTE leaders still not in prison? Could he tell us what type of rehabilitation have the political prisoners have been through???

  4. It is far too late mr my3. Next fast is to divide the country. Your governing power and deplomacy was really exposed at UN, now TNA is exploiting it.

  5. The TNA must give an ultimatum with a time limit to the Government , also to remove the Armed forces from the North and release all private lands to the owners besides releasing the political prisoners. If that too fails, demand for a referendum to be held in the North and East for the Tamil people to determine their fate.

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