Minister wants paddy removed from MRIA

nimal_siripala_b1Transport Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva wants paddy stored at the Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport (MRIA) removed and the airport maintained at international standards.

Speaking to reporters after visiting the airport, the Minister said that the environment at the airport had been damaged as a result of paddy being stored at the airport premises.

He said that birds had begun to flock around the airport after paddy was brought to be stored in one of the stores in the airport by the Paddy Marketing Board.

The Minister, under who the subject of civil aviation now operates, said that he will give the Paddy Marketing Board time to remove the paddy in stages.

He said that he will also inform cabinet of the decision and take measures to ensure the airport is maintained at international standards.

Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva, who was a member of the former Government and is now in the National unity Government, stressed that Sri Lanka needs a second international airport.

He said that by having MRIA operational Sri Lanka does not need to depend on India in the event of an emergency if passenger planes cannot land at the Katunayake airport.

Usually flights landing at Katunayake are diverted to Chennai if they cannot land at Katunayake but now those flights can land at MRIA.

Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva said that measures will be taken to ensure the airport operates 24 hours a day even if there are no flights.

He said that talks will be held with the foreign employment bureau and other agencies to encourage Middle Eastern flights to use MRIA as most Sri Lankan domestic workers are from the South and can travel via MRIA.

The Minister also said that more hotels are expected to be constructed in and around Hambantota which will help the MRIA attract more flights in the future. (Colombo Gazette)


    • Dear Mr.Dharmasena

      It doesn’t matter whether it is Matale or Mattala or Hambantota or a place next to you home. How many miles is this International Airport which is Rajapaksa’s Airport from the Bandaranayaka International Airport. Don’t you think an International Airport in the North would have been a better idea and serve well. Don’t you think this is due to the racial divide that North should not be developed..

    • I fully agree; Matale is a glorified billion dollar store house for rice paddy and resting place for reptiles.
      Palaly was a n International airport of past.
      The paranoid sinhala elite politicians have made it into a base for rapists and murders of sl military.
      It’s to undo all these wrongs if Lanka is to become a civilized island.

  1. This is the problem when we have uneducated ministers. How to run a country when you have ministers even do not pass GCE (OL). What you will expect from this people. They do not have any idea the value of 2nd international air port.

    • Not only education, they do not have common sense too. All the flights coming to Colombo, only carry fuel sufficient to come to colombo, because alternate Airport with international standards is in close vicinity than all other international Airports arround Sri Lanka, there by it saves lot of money.

  2. birth were their from the beginning of this place. Only problems was dirty Politian who decided to set-up air port most unsuitable place in the country without having any professional evolution. if former government was power they would have borrowed and make some money to set-up sea port in the Kandy.

  3. This place should be used to hang MaRa and his cronies. Remains to be seen whether he will face the hangman’s noose under My3 and Ran3 !!

  4. These jokers who brought the country to ruins while worshipping the Rajapakses should have been chased away from yahapalanaya just like he was chased from his office by his wife when caught with his pants down.


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