Diaspora festival in Colombo postponed

mangala-samaraweeraThe Government has postponed the diaspora festival which was to take place in December, the Foreign Ministry said.

A Foreign Ministry spokesperson told the Daily Leader that the festival is now likely to take place next year.

Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera had told Parliament in June that in order to encourage diaspora members to engage and contribute to efforts in Sri Lanka, the Foreign Ministry is keen to organize a diaspora festival later this year.

He said that such an event, depending on how it progresses, could even take the form of a regular annual event, to connect Sri Lanka to its diaspora.

Samaraweera said that the event will enable the communities in the country to benefit from the knowledge, capacity, expertise and skills of the Sri Lankan diaspora.

Several countries in the world including India and Ireland to name a few, have benefitted from such organized events.


  1. Thank you Minister for taking the diaspora for a ride like how you and your government did to the voters in SL. Now the diaspora, especially Tamils, are slowly getting to know the real colour of the Government. Most of them hoped that at least the government will release all those Tamils in prisons who are languishing for years without any charges against them. You guys got the votes not only by hoodwinking the local Tamils, but also the diaspora Tamils who had an influence on the Tamil voters in SL. Your main partner TNA is helpless while the Tamil prisoners are resorting to hunger strike for their release. What a pity!

  2. Well said Peter. Now who is this man trying to fool? He did not have enough time to arrange the so called festival this year in November. This is why he is trying his best to fix that for November maaveerer day from next year on.

    Whatever it is, the diaspora and the Foreign Minister have a very good relationship. The minister attended a dinner party at Suren Surendran’s home, the head of GTF in London with Austin Fernando. Our media did not disclose this event. That was leaked by patriotic Sri Lankans in London.

    This is how the Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka conducts himself whit LTTE front organisations.

  3. Many in diaspora are beneficiaries of Sri Lankan free education system. The country can benefit from its decades of investment only if it could get back at least some of the skills and knowledge the diaspora accumulated over the years.

    Previous government was not keen in getting the return on investment Sri Lanka made on its human resources and knowledge workers. The foreign minister and the government are in the right track. I wish them all the success.

    • Knowledge, capacity, expertise and skills of their respective fields such as medicine, engineering, information technology, finance, banking, education and other fields are OK; but not in politics. Because the West won’t allow smart Tamils to lead diaspora, this is how the West managed to use diaspora to made the Sri Lankan civil was as the longest civil war in Asia. Let them keep their political knowledge and expertise in the West to please their masters.

  4. “Samaraweera said that the event will enable the communities in the country to benefit from the knowledge, capacity, expertise and skills of the Sri Lankan diaspora”

    Mr Samaraweera, how much Foreign Ministry has benefited by the diaspora’s knowledge, capacity, expertise and skills. You are fooling yourself. You think that you are the greatest Foreign Minister of all times, but in reality you are miles away from late Mr Lakshman Kadirgamar.

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