Wele Suda sentenced to death in heroin case

wele sudaNotorious drug dealer Wele Suda was today sentenced to death by the Colombo High Court for having drugs in his possession.

Wele Suda has been accused of having 7.05 grams of heroin in his possession. He is also being investigated over another major heroin case.

Gampola Vidanalage Don Samantha Kumara aka ‘Wele Suda’ was arrested in Pakistan, and deported to Sri Lanka in January.

An Interpol Red Notice was earlier issued for his arrest. He was known to be one of the major drug traffickers in Sri Lanka and had amassed a massive wealth from drug trafficking before he fled the country with his wife when police moved on him.

The police arrested his wife when she returned to Sri Lanka at a later date.

Wele Suda was accused of having links with top politicians and popular personalities who he had used to escape police custody.

In August Wele Suda had revealed his alleged links with former Parliamentarian Duminda Silva.

Wele Suda has told the Colombo High Court that he had given a loan of Rs. 2 million to Duminda Silva for his election campaign.

He also accused Duminda Silva of threatening him when he had asked for the money to be returned. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. So who what punishment for the politicians involved then? Wele suda didn’t do this alone. If the positions are not given the same sentence then this verdict is flawed and unlawful.

  2. A stupid sharia law buruva judge of the high court to pass death for possession of 7.5 gms of heroin.
    Prove the rest of the allegations than being obscene.

    South Lanka is the happy hippy getaway No?

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