VVIP son has millions in a Dubai account

RajithaThe son of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has an offshore account in Dubai with millions of US dollars, a Government Minister has claimed.

Health Minister Rajith Senaratne said that information with regards to the account had been passed onto the Government by some officials of the bank.

“We were informed by the Sri Lankans working at the bank about the account,” he said.

The Minister said that the Attorney General’s department had been notified in order to take legal action to investigate the bank account.

Senaratne said that the United States and India are assisting Sri Lanka in the investigations into this account as well as other offshore accounts of the former regime.

He said that money had been collected by the former Government saying it was to be used for road construction and other development work but most of it was transferred into offshore accounts.

Senaratne also denied claims that the new Government was taking revenge on the former regime and insisted that all they were doing was investigating corruption. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Former President and Ministers are being summoned by various bodies on administrative “lapses” rather than fraudulent transactions, based on which allegations the current regime won the last elections. This I believe is food for the gullible. The latest is the massive bank account of a former VVIP, clearly insinuating that it is the son of the former President. However, he has pre-empted this attempt and given a press statement to say he nor any of his family members have such foreign accounts. So who is lying? As for Rajitha, he has a big mouth but no substance. This could be another of his ‘pus vedillas’, his fans eagerly awaiting to consume.

  2. All talk by Rajitha but no action. everything re corruption ends up in The Attorney Generals Never never Land. Just tell us. One crook from the last regime that has been punished for their crimes. They are arrested as eye wash, end up in the 3 star Merchants ward with bogus ailments, aided by crooked Doctors and their ilk, Bailed out and live happily ever after. Sack the bloody A.G and get some honest gentleman to occupy this office. We had many crooked lawmakers sitting and helping the dictatorial MARA regime.before . Honest Sira and Respectable decent Ranil, cant you see what is happening with your Bullshit Yahapalanaya?WE want action not big talk at the U.N.

  3. Who ever rob the taxpayers money should reveal their dealings, Mask of politicos who are robbing public money must be ashamed of their acts. this country cannot develop though this kind of shameful people who live like a king’s expense of poor taxpayers.

  4. Minister Rajitha Senratne,you have guts,keep pressing
    bring the corrupt Rajapakse’s to court,we are with you sir,the entire International community around 3 to 4 million are behind you sir,even in the face we are supportin g you sir,keep on pressing Honourable Minister,we stand by you

  5. Bank employees are not suppose to talk about their clients accounts. They are bound by confidential agreements. In Dubai, I do not think one will take a chance to defy the law. I am surprise how this minister is still surviving after uttering so many lies to the people.

  6. your corruption will come to light on the next government. All of you are in the same boat. that’s all of us know

  7. If MP Namal Rajapaksha maintains such a deposit in Dubai Bank, why not take legal action against him. Namal says no such accounts in any Bank.Who is correct.

  8. dentist Rajitha don’t know bank regulation. Bank cannot reveal personal account secret for the public . Rajitha is lie . He cannot misled educated people, The bank he name is not a normal

  9. This had been said by this Rouge Minister several times in the past. But he never divulge the source of information and in which Bank this money is. If his statement is correct why cannot the Government take legal action without delay. Hi only motto is to continue to sling mud at Rajapaksas. He has forgotten that here is a thing called retribution which he and his sons will have to face in the future.

  10. This retarded minister is the spokesperson for the AGs department, Police Department . Apart from the country’s health service this retarded ****** talks about everything else. He also knows where the money came from – that must be also told by the SL people working in the Dubai bank . As a narrative note under those so called deposits it must be saying – these monies were taken for road and other development projects in SL but as a fraud , Namal Rajapakse has deposited that in his Dubai account. Yes, we need capital punishment to get rid of ******** like you!

  11. current attorney general is a useless man and he will take court order to stop any investigation. minister you too become a real joker ,if you have information that must handle by financial crime investigation division. you better stop talking nonsense like other mater. you also do not have any credibility for your statements..

  12. The Sri lankans in the Dubai bank breached the law by giving out banks internal information, if that’s what really happened. Secondly the minister should not have revealed that to the public at all. There was no necessity ! Then, until proven nothing can be done to those who stole the country’s money!

  13. At the same time we hope that the day light robbery of the central bank should be brought in to light.The report never reached parliament as MY 3 dissolve it just before it was due and last week 100 officers were transferred who gave evidence against the most scandolous robbery in SL history!

  14. “We were informed by the Sri Lankans working at the bank about the account,” What a credible evidence? Is this the way a responsible “minister” giving away the facts of a finding? Its very much like ” mata allapu gedara miniha kiwwa pahala gedara gaanita hora minihek innawa kiyalaa”. This is the man who becomes a minister in each and every government in Sri Lanka. Of course He needs to go this low to keep up with his dirty politics.

  15. Government Spokesman becomes the biggest gossip queen. Some Sri Lankans working in the bank told us – Who are they? Cleaners in the bank.

    Please please let somebody else do a respectful job

  16. You seem to be making lots of allegations against MR and his family members. Hope these will be proven true. But whatever the atrocities and frauds committed by the previous govt, you yourself and the current President are both responsible as you were a cabinet ministers in the same government. We do hope that you have absolute proof for making these accusations!
    The public will believe it only when proven beyond any doubt.

    • it is well known that he is very clever to dig out garbage leaving aside burning issues like lowering stock market for the last 3 months, depreciating of value of rupee, printing of 200 billion paper money .He was one of the great economist prior to election along with Ravi & Hareen.

    • Dentist Rajtha don’t know bank regulation . Dubai bank is not normal bank they cannot reveal secret personal account as like a zuviss bank completely untruth If they do so bank will get big damaging , educated people in the country he cannot misled .Rajitha shows his meanness

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