March 12th Movement committed to change

March 12 movementThe March 12th Movement says it remains committed to work with dedication to collaborate with the public to bring forth more positive changes in the political culture in Sri Lanka.

“Whilst acknowledging  and offering our sincere gratitude to all civil society organizations, political parties, the media, the government institutions, and the proactive citizenry of our country in general, for their unstinting support extended towards the March 12th movement  which was crafted with the active participation of the civil societies with the goal of creating a positive impact on the political culture of Sri Lanka, we commit ourselves to work with dedication to  collaborate with you to bring forth more positive changes in the political culture in Sri Lanka,” the March 12th Movement said.

The March 12th movement also said that as an extension of the March 12 Declaration, that received public endorsement,  the endeavour to amass a million signatures named as the “March 12th movement” sought to  affirm the need to prevail upon political parties to offer nominations only to appropriate candidate.

“Our effort was widely acclaimed and the citizenry of this country joined us  participating actively in the process. By the time the 2015  general election was held all mainstream politicians including the President and the Prime Minister, and the political parties had endorsed  the March 12th Declaration. Further the adoption of the March 12th pamphlets and the score card in their political campaigns by the candidates irrespective of their party was a mark of success as  regards our goals. Some of the prime political candidates citing the March 12th criteria declared to the public  through the media their suitability to be a contender according to the criteria mentioned. Similarly the political party manifestoes  included a declaration pledging to abide by the March 12th criteria in their selection of candidates representing the party at the General Election,” The March 12th movement said.

The March 12th movement said it believes that the results of the general election  is a reflection on the endorsement of the request to send educated ,intelligent, and capable representatives to Parliament by the  voters in general in Sri Lanka.

“Yet, unfortunately the selection made for the national list nullified the prime purpose of providing representation to unrepresented segments in society and the opportunity to harness the experience and knowledge of persons of a high calibre to contribute to the legislative process. The inclusion of candidates who were rejected by the people at the general election proved to be a negation of the people’s will leaving a bad taste,” the March 12th movement said.

The March 12th movement said the United National Front was the only party to at least  endeavour to uphold the principle of not including  the candidates who lost at the elections in the National list. Even then they had appointed one such candidate through the National List.