DNA of Kondaya’s brother matches with DNA on Seya

Kondaya’s brother remandedThe DNA of the brother of Dunesh Priyashantha alias Kondaya matches with the DNA test conducted on Seya Seya Sedawmini.

The Minuwangoda Magistrate made the revelation after being presented with the DNA report on the test conducted on Kondaya’s brother Saman Jayalath.

Dinesh Priyashantha had earlier confessed to the murder and was being investigated when his brother who was arrested later claimed he had killed the girl.

Two others arrested earlier, including a 17 year old boy, were released after DNA tests found they were not directly involved in the rape and murder of the child.

The 17 year old boy had later complained that he was tortured while he was in police custody.


  1. The proper thing would have been for the police to take DNA samples from all adult males around the area or village residing during the crime without arresting any. So much hassle and money could have been saved if they stopped acting on unsubstantiated rumours. Sri Lankans are such rumourmongers and proud of showing off that they know better than anybody else it is dangerous to act on mere statements.

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