Army chief says troops prepared at all times

CrishantheArmy Commander Lieutenant General Crishanthe De Silva says the army is ready at all times to defend the Nation.

In a message to mark the 66th Army Day today, Lieutenant General Crishanthe De Silva said that Sri Lankan soldiers are admired world over for their display of humanity, discipline, professionalism and integrity.

“The Sri Lanka Army as the forerunner, over the years, has displayed its professionalism in all situations in the most commendable manner. The Nation has been a proud benefactor of the contributions made by the Army, both during times of war and peace. The victorious journey of the Army, its gallantry and fortitude has impressively inspired confidence amongst all citizens of Sri Lanka. The boundless contribution of our Army in the effort of nation-building is amongst its greatest legacies. Be it ensuring the Nation’s territorial integrity, fighting the scourge of terrorism, or reaching out to fellow citizens in times of natural calamities, our Army has time and again performed their duties with dedication, maturity and professionalism,” he said.

The army chief noted that the recognition the army has the world over will enable them to be more efficient at a time they embark on increasing their participation at UN Peacekeeping Missions.

“Our sole aspiration is to safeguard our motherland and its citizens at all times. Let everyone understand their role and responsibility to achieve this noble cause. It requires unity of purpose and the ability to focus on issues which unite and a spirit of conciliation. I urge all members of the Army to remain steadfastly loyal to the nation and be professionally competent,” he added.


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