Sumanthiran calls for ban on bottom trawling

sumanthiran600-34Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Parliamentarian M A Sumanthiran today urged the Government to ban bottom trawling.

He made the request when the issue of Indian fishermen poaching in Sri Lankan waters was discussed in Parliament today.

He said that while there are regulations on bottom trawling that will not solve the problem faced by Sri Lankan fishermen.

Sumanthiran said that bottom trawling has led to marine resources in South Indian waters being affected and so Indian fishermen are now poaching in Sri Lankan waters.

He said poaching by foreign boats in Sri Lankan waters has had a major impact on Northern fishermen as well as fishermen in other parts of the country. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This was commented by me and other contributors to this subject and absolutely a dastardly act of piracy. Any seaman or fisherman would have a good knowledge of the sea and more so a fisherman whose family has over the generations come to be familiar with the sea and its marine life. Bottom trawling has been going on for quite sometime ,and this was the style of foreign fishing vessels been given the licence for fishing over the years. The Fisheries Department and Ministry knew this, because they would have been marine their midst.

    • Sacre Blieu- It is a scientific fact that bottom trawling has lasting, non-sustainable damage. Your the dastardly one here.

      • Developed countries into fishing `trawl` and the metal component does not touch the seabed to scrape the seabed.
        Banning is exhibition of stupidity and has political ramification on a geo political scale.

        In the EU the issue has always been with southern nations enjoying the small fish (tapas) and others into conservation and sustainability.
        As they say Go cross the pond.

  2. But the indians own the ocean and are in a troika drafting laws for south china sea too.- choppy affair.

    Like Vaiko saga, will Sushima get you by the lungi?

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