Resolution highlights Lanka’s efforts says US

state-dept1-295x300The US State Department noted that the resolution on Sri Lanka adopted by the UN Human Rights Council last week, highlights the Sri Lankan government’s efforts to advance respect for human rights and strengthen good governance since January 2015.

A statement by the US State Department noted that the outcomes of the 30th Session of the UN Human Rights Council  in Geneva underscored the importance of robust U.S. engagement at the Council, where the United States continues to work with countries from all regions to address urgent human rights concerns.

The State Department said that the US led resolution on Sri Lanka, which Sri Lanka co-sponsored, encourages the reform of domestic laws to facilitate accountability for past crimes related to the Sri Lankan civil war, affirms the importance of the participation of foreign judges and prosecutors in domestic accountability mechanisms, and requests further reporting by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Both are non signatories of the ICC.
    US rules the ICC it set up.
    The US is good at doing all the wrong actions,assisting in mass murder and giving it the right name.
    The pirates and its immigrant culture of lynching is stupid and arrogant to believe that the majority of the world respect them.

  2. Sri Lanka’s civil war is the Asia’s longest civil war. India created the civil war, but the West made it longest in Asia by its indirect support through Tamil diaspora. However, Tamils are still loyal to the West. This shows that Tamils have not learned anything from the past. This week I was invited for a meeting of First Secretary Davide Vignati from the Embassy of Switzerland in Jaffna, organized by Jaffna’s Managers forum. Tamils who came for the meeting were very loyal to Davide Vignati. One gentleman made a comment that the First Secretary knows about the UNHRC resolution better than elected political leaders in Sri Lanka. Tamils have failed to understand that their loyalty and honesty will be used against them, in order to divide them. I made a comment that the resolution has accomplished the Western interests. The West has changed the regime, and passed the resolution. Tamil leaders were used to fulfill the Western interests. But the Tamil leaders are pretending that they have changed the regime and implemented the UNHRC resolution. However, my comment wasn’t received well. This shows the sad status of Tamils.

    Tamils don’t even get along with other Tamils or appreciate smart Tamils. How can you expect them to get along with Sinhalese? I believe that a disaster is imminent for Tamils. Forty years ago Thanthi Chelva said “only God can save Tamils.” But during the last 35 years India and the West have divided Tamils beyond reparable stage. Therefore, God can’t even save Tamils anymore. Therefore, PM Ranil Wickramasinghe can’t save Tamils either. Sooner or later Sinhalese leaders must pass this unsolvable mess to India as J R had done in the 1980s. Sinhalese leaders must let Tamils go separate to develop the South. Tamils’ unsolvable mess will carry on; the West will support Tamil diaspora to get a foothold in the Indian Ocean, and India will support the TNA to resist the West. Let them fight among themselves and die. It will be a miracle, if Tamil politicians, diaspora leaders and Tamil newspaper editors would see the way I see. Tamils have reasonable education, but can’t understand how much they have been divided by the foreign powers, it is truly a disaster for Tamils in the 21 century. Tamil leaders’ lack of knowledge not only causing Tamils to suffer, but creating unnecessary issues and sufferings for Sinhalese and Indians as well.

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