TNA calls for release of Tamil political prisoners

sampanthanThe Tamil National Alliance (TNA) today called for the release of all Tamil political prisoners.

TNA leader R. Sampanthan raised the issue when Parliament discussed a proposed agreement with China on crime related matters.

Sampanthan urged the Government not to look at the issue on political prisoners as a legal issue.

He said that the issue had been raised with Justice Minister Wijeydasa Rajapaksha and he urged the Minister to look into it.

Sampanthan, the leader of the opposition in Parliament, also questioned the actions the new Government hopes to take to bring down Sri Lankans with a criminal record living overseas.

He said that the name of the suspect involved in the murder of late TNA MP Joseph Pararajasingham was living overseas and that he manged to flee Sri Lanka as the former Government failed to arrest him. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Are you talking about tamil terarist as a opposition leader.You fogget about tamil leadrrs killed by them.

  2. Come on Mr. Sampanthan! it has taken so long for you to voice on behalf of these forgotten people who are languishing in prisons without solid charge against them. You have supported this government from day one, and still this issue is pending.

    Not only the suspects of Pararajasingam’s case, there are hundreds of other suspected criminals who fled Sri Lanka and took refuge in other countries. It is unfair to point fingers at the former government for their escape. It is a well known fact that most of those who were affiliated to many Tamil rebel groups, have migrated to many western countries even after the conclusion of the War. In a way we can attribute their escape due to the inefficiency of our national security. On the other hand, we can also attribute to the freedom of movement Sri Lanka affords to its citizens! In many countries with internal conflicts, this would be impossible due to strict scanning and surveillance of people leaving the country.

    • Sri Lanka offers freedom of movement to its Citizen ….that’s BULLSHIT.
      it offers freedom to its Buddhists citizen,

  3. Sampo enna da All the terrorist are become Political prisoners And Now you scared that all your friends are in Toronto wanted in srilanka for terrorism chagers and who got vanished after the war are in canada and other refugee countries be deported to Sri lanka … for that u getting goosebumps…. U can fool People some times but U can not fool people all the time sampanthan….

  4. The TNA seems to be soft with the Government thinking that the government will do everything for the Tamils. Definitely not. If the Government wants reconciliation , genuinely and sincerely, it should release the political prisoners and release all private lands to the owners for them to resettle. As it is the government is at war with the Tamils still.

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