Over 4000 people still in IDP camps in Jaffna

SwaminathanOver 4000 people are still housed in IDP camps in Jaffna, Minister of Resettlement and Rehabilitation D M Swaminathan informed Parliament today.

He said that 1318 families consisting of 4737 people are living in 32 IDP camps in Jaffna. The Minister was responding to a question posed by EPDP leader Douglas Devananda in Parliament.

Swaminathan said that funds have been allocated to meet the basic requirements of the IDPs and additional funds will also be made available when required.


  1. The war was not necessary and so are the consequences.

    The truth will set people free. The main untruth that prevents reconciliation are;

    1. The war was a civil war with armed uprising of oppressed Tamil people as in the UN report. The war was not a “terrorist war” as falsely told to the Sinhalese.

    2. Tamil problem is a political problem that should have been resolved politicfally and not militarily.

    3. Tamils are indigenous people like the Sinhalese with the right of self determination

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