Protest in Parliament against hybrid court

srilanka_parliament-8A protest was staged in Parliament today against the proposal for a hybrid court to investigate human rights abuses in Sri Lanka.

Parliament sittings had to be suspended for 10 minutes when a group of Parliamentarians held banners protesting against a hybrid court.

National Freedom Front (NFF) leader Wimal Weerawansa speaking earlier questioned as to why the issue over the proposed hybrid court is not being discussed by Parliament.

He said that he had requested for a day for the issue to be debated in Parliament but the Government is yet to agree.

Leader of the House Lakshman Kiriella said that the Government had agreed to discuss the matter but the UN Human Rights Council or the recent UN report on Sri Lanka did not propose a hybrid court.

The opposition however insisted that there was such a proposal and a heated debate then took place between Government and opposition members.

Kiriella then questioned former President Mahinda Rajapaksa if there is a call by the UN for a hybrid court as mentioned by some opposition members but Rajapaksa remained silent.

The protest later continued and Deputy Speaker Thilanga Sumathipala made a request for the banners to be removed from the House.

However since the protest continued, the Deputy Speaker suspended sittings for 10 minutes. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Sri lanka—–Parliament has every right to debate on issues of so-called ‘war crime’ concord by US and Indian oriented Report.

    Sovereignty nation like Sri lanka has full pledged rights protected her national security, is principle mandated by Parliament.

    If UNP and Puppets of SLFP are obstructions of debate in Parliament by Ranil and company ,that will lead to dictatorship government in Island.

    Where is democracy under UNP and MS?

    Can UNP run hybrid Court without Parliament consent ?

    Is that UNP organizing ONE MAN RULE political Party?.

    We are an opposed suppressed rights of Members Parliament democracy by UNP leader of RW.

  2. This is what they are going to do. Just like JR who implimented motion in parliement to abolish Sirimawo Bandaranayaka civil rights Mahinda also going to face the same fate.

  3. Why not demonstrte against bad governance also.

    The President of SL, mMaithripala Sirisena (MS), said after thr present UNHRC resolution, the following;

    1. The UNHRC resolution is “a suggestion and not an order”.
    2. I will appoint a “body” to judge war crimes and disppearances.
    3. War criminals “were saved from electric chair”.

    Firstly, a resolve is not a suggestion but a serious, firm and joint decision. And the UNHRC resolved unanimously, with 38 serious sponsor countries, including SL. Any violation by SL will be a serious offence.

    Secondly, a “body” appointed by the president to judge war crimes and dispeearances will not have constitutional powers to judge and punish offenders legally. And it is not the intent exprressed in the resolution.

    Thirdly, the request for domestic inquiry by SL was to save war criminals from “electric chair” than to do justice.

    Surely, deceit, dishonesty and untruthfulness do not constitute “good governance” in SL.

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