Parliament divided on implementing death penalty

NooseParliament was divided today when the death penalty was discussed with some for and others against its immediate implementation.

Parliamentarian Hirunika Premachandra, who put forward a motion on the death penalty, noted that most people in the country feel the death penalty should not be implemented as it goes against Buddhist culture.

She insisted that religion and law and two different subjects and should not be combined together as doing so will prevent the law from taking its course.

“If the law is not properly implemented the country will never develop. All mothers and fathers and all those who have feelings must support the death penalty being implemented on those who rape and kill children,” she said.

Meanwhile Parliamentarian Ranjan Ramanayake, who backed the motion, said that the public and the Parliamentarians should not be misled by the motives of the motion calling for the death penalty.

He said that the proposal to implement the death penalty is not to use it on normal criminals but those who rape and murder children.

Ramanayake proposed that the death penalty be made law at least for two years and then after that it can be reviewed.

However Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapaksha said that the death penalty cannot be implemented without carefully studying the issue at hand.

He said that several rounds of discussions must be held with civil society and others before a final decision is taken.

Parliamentarian Vasudeva Nanayakkara also agreed and said that the issue of the death penalty is a sensitive subject so it needs to be looked into carefully.

MP Sudharshini Fernandopulle said that laws in Sri Lanka need to be strengthened to prevent crime and the death penalty is also a must.

However she said before the death penalty is implemented there is a need to address some shortcomings in the legal system, including establishing children’s courts and the option to give evidence on video.

She also raised concerns over the police service saying its independence often comes into question.

Parliamentarian Sajith Premadasa said that the death penalty must be implemented as a form of punishment on those who rape and murder children.

However he said there needs to be conditions attached to the process when implementing the death penalty. (Colombo Gazette)



  2. How do you treat an epidemic of this proportion which appears to go on with greater intensity and gathering increase. Where are the social scientist and other connected officials. Or are we to have a serious of seminars and discussions with nothing done at the end.

  3. This motion bring in order to get the revenge from Ex. parliementarian Mr.Duminda Silva. Do you know who killed the JVP member during your farther’s regime in Kollonnawa at your home.

  4. Death penalty will not stop the criminal activities as long as the law and order is not functioning properly. The other issue is the mental illness created by oppressive activities of politicians and rich & powerful.
    Therefore, before making a grave mistake, Sri Lankan society needs to have a constructive discussion at every level.

  5. Killing or murdering a murder is not going to eradicate the child murders, rapists, and other types of murders. We need to find the cause for these actions by these murders and apply the appropriate treatment or corrective actions for such causes. The cause can be a mental condition of a particular person who committed the crime. Now tell me if you kill this sick man is it going to cure the other sick men in the country? It is quite clearly explained in Buddha Dharma … one must look into the reason/cause (hethuwa) for a particular incident.. Then apply corrective actions to the reasons to get rid of the result (Palaya). Hethu/pala wade. this is a universal law … every Palaya has a hethuwak. If you don’t want the Palaya get rid of the Hethuwa. Every three wheel driver who kills so many people by reckless driving are also in the same category … another form of murder or another mental condition. Do we go round killing the 3-wheel drivers for these mistakes? Where are these highly qualified psychologists in our country? Why don’t they apply what they know to help Sri Lanka to get rid of this menace rather than film stars trying to solve this problem …. Lets be pro-active rather than being reactive .

  6. she does not like the capital punishment implemented because she has a paid killer to avenge her father’s killers. obviously suddenly she comes out of some religious crap.put her in the gallows too.stupid cow.

  7. People develop currupt minds to do this type of crime due to many reasons.,such as poverty, ignorance,movies etc. One major factor that corrupts the mind of the young is blue films. We should identify the sri lankan blue film actors and punish them. Pl. correct me if i am wrong. i hear there is a minister who is a blue film actor. Take action against them too.

  8. To remove the root cause of evil you have to remove those who cause evil. Death penalty is the best solution to remove the evil from society for good. Those who are against death penalty should put a placard on their gates saying ‘ We denounce death penalty. If you are a sadist, murderer or psycho our house is wide open to you to come and commit any crime against any member of our family. We will guarantee that we honor your right to live. and are completely against capital punishment. Man should not destroy what God has created.

  9. implementing death penalty is no way to curb is cruel and uncivilized no match to present day.most number of executions are reported in Saudi Arabia and china but the crime rate has not gone down. it is surprising to hear that even three Sri Lankans in Saudi had been convicted and beheaded for murder recently. therefore don’t indulge in execution if the reason is to curtail crimes. only reason I can see is to take revenge to have hand to hand and eye to eye.

  10. we welcome the capital punishment of death. this will reduce crimes in the country. people will fear to do. specially crime against murder and rape. why you people appose it. you have to take the needle by a needle. now a days no one follows lord Buddha’s teaching. for killing animal every Buddhist clergies stand protest and burn them self in public, but for these type of crime they don’t speak or protest and burn then self. where this nanasara hamuduru.

  11. It’s a brilliant idea please go a head and implement this rule of law immediately without any further delays

  12. Death penalty should be implemented on Routing, Organized murders and Raped & murder cases. Majority Parliamentarians are not educated. No need to get their concern in this regard. Best way to follow Indian death penalty implement system. Mr. President can decide.

  13. Parliamentarians should not get involve with emotional state. Death penalty not solve or it is not a deterrent. State has no right to kill some one just because Mr A Killed Mr B. Civilize society in the world condemn death penalty. It is far better find a solutions than imposing death penalty. Just and fair minded society would be best solution, of course religion play big roll.
    Also let young Parliamentarians to get maturated

    • if Sri Lanka is to reintroduce capital punishment it should not be limited to rape cum murder. Whilst not condoning any forms of child sexual abuse, we should not overlook other crimes as premeditated murder, drugs trafficking etc which are on the increase in our country. Most of the sexual offences are committed under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Furthermore, the definition of rape is
      different in different countries. Sri lanka has to do a detailed study onthis and come up with what is congruent with the law in the country.

  14. As per Mr. Ranjan by the time the case is heard, postponed over several period of time the 2 years
    will be over and the accused will be subject to life
    sentence and through a politico clemency he will
    be pardoned and released within the next year.
    Again he will revert to his old tactics with modified
    approach. This is Srilanka.

  15. The need to implement the Death penalty is felt because of the phenomenal rise in the serious crime rate. It is felt that the implementing of the death penalty will act as a deterrent to such crime. Alternatively the law enforcement forces must eradicate/ diminish such crime. Like is suggested a trial period of 3 to 5 years may be introduced and then reviewed.Serious crime needs to be addressed quickly.

  16. We condemn killing legally or otherwise. You need to eradicate root courses leading to crimes. We should not have killing mentality.

    • If the death penalty is introduced then the people will get afraid and they will not do anymore serious crimes like killing or raping of innocent children and young women especially and more over the Sinhalese people is killing their own Sinhalese children why? It’s a shame to all a country like a Buddhist country Sri Lanka.

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