Ex Minister Janaka Bandara arrested over murder probe

janaka-bandara-tennakoonFormer Minister Janaka Bandara Tenakoon has been arrested in connection to a murder incident.

The murder is said to have taken place in 1999.


  1. Very Very true, This comment is applicable to 95% of the politico’s in Sri Lanka.
    He knelt down because he would have been reminded of this secret file with the murder!

    What to do we are sinners to be born in SriLanka in this Era.

  2. A grade rouge who entered politics after serving in police department without a cent in hand.With no time amassed millions and even had connection to LTTE to earn money.These are the politicians we have in this country.Just look at the huge stone wall around his mansion in Dambulla may have cost millions.Shameless creature who knelt at the foot of the biggest rouge who ruined this country.

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