Anura slams CEA over Kelani river contamination

Anura KumaraJanatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake slammed the Central Environment Authority (CEA) today over the contamination of the Kelani river.

Speaking in Parliament, the JVP leader accused the CEA of failing to take appropriate action against the Coca Cola company after it was reported that the company was the cause for the contamination.

He said that residents living around the river had also complained on several occasions that the river was being contaminated through waste dumped from the company factory.

Dissanayake said that the CEA had claimed that it was diesel which had leaked into the river and not any form of chemicals.

He questioned the basis on which that determination was reached and why proper action had not been taken against Coca Cola.

Dissanayake also found fault with the National water supply and drainage board over the manner in which it handled the water contamination.

The contamination led to the National water supply and drainage board having to temporarily suspend the water supply to the Colombo and Greater Colombo areas recently as water to the residents is pumped out from the Kelani river.

The Government said that it will prepare a response to the issue raised by the JVP leader and make a statement in Parliament. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This issue of pollution and contamination has been written and commented in various media and forums. But it has been going on unchecked and appears that those responsible , the polluters and administrators , seem to have a relationship of a strange type. Not only the Kelani river but most waterways are full of this. If this is allowed to go on,it will be to the peril of the population. Even in industrial zones that were started years ago and continued this evil is going on. Coco Cola company would have faced a far stiffer fine in any other country. It seems they will now come out with a claim of receiving some international award(Fictitious,most awards) for social responsibility.

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