Ex LTTE member Rudrakumaran calls resolution “a fudge”

RudraThe Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) led by former LTTE negotiator Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran, is to form an international team comprising of international Judges, international lawyers and Human Rights specialists to monitor the implementation of the UN Human Rights Council Resolution on Sri Lanka.

The TGTE said that rhe world witnessed two visions of justice at the 30th Session of the UNHRC this month. One vision of justice which States are willing to dispense and then one vision called for by humanity at large demonstrated by the participation of 1.4 million people through the “Million Signatures Campaign” calling for “Referral of Sri Lanka” to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

“The Northern Provincial Council in Sri Lanka, the Tamil Nadu State Assembly, and the Transnational Government’s Parliament passed resolutions calling for an international mechanism to investigate and prosecute international crimes namely war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Prince Zeid, was bold in telling that accountability “requires more than a domestic mechanism” and he called for a special hybrid Court,” the TGTE said.

However Rudrakumaran’s TGTE says the Human Rights Council, a state-centric institution, had passed a resolution last week noting that a credible justice process should include independent judicial and prosecutorial institutions led by individuals known for integrity and impartiality and further affirms in this regard the importance of participation in a Sri Lankan judicial mechanism, including the Special Counsel’s office, of Commonwealth and other foreign judges, defense lawyers, and authorized prosecutors and investigators.

“This Resolution is a fudge. It prioritizes the Sri Lankan Government’s obsession with controlling criminal proceedings over the victims’ rights to effective justice. Any reasonable observer knows that all criminal proceedings within the Sri Lankan justice system will be stymied by racial bias and political interference. The role of the Sri Lankan State in the mass crimes will be whitewashed,” TGTE said.

TGTE says based on a treaty between the UN and the Sri Lankan Government, a hybrid criminal tribunal should be established.

“We call upon the High Commissioner to make the evidence gathered during the investigation available to states willing to undertake cases through the important legal principle of universal jurisdiction. The TGTE is willing to work with any State in this regard. The TGTE will facilitate the exploration of all techniques available to bring war criminals and perpetrators of genocide to justice through means available under the law. The measures taken by the Sri Lankan Government will not exhaust these remedies unless they are measures that satisfy the standards of international law,” TGTE said.

The TGTE for its part will form an international committee comprising international judges, international lawyers and human rights specialists to monitor the implementation of the present HRC Resolution. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This man is running out of fuel self appointed priminister of pseudo Eelam.He has to come out and say some thing to please all those people who followed his I hamming agenda with false on a democratic country and its majority law abiding kind,majority Sinhala Buddhist people who believe in non violence.It is high time all these Eelamists promote racial integration so that all nationalities within Sri Lanka live in peace and be Sri Lankan.

  2. sinhala state terrorism since independence is responsible for the killing and rape of tamil men and women.sinhala terrorists terrorised the tamil population for the past 68 years..all sinhala terrorists should be rounded up and put in gas chambers.

    • Really? Tamil terrorism is responsible form killing millions of Sinhala people, since tamil nadu Invasions. Sri lanka is a Sinhala country, That’s it.

      • Who tooled you Sri Lanka is a Sinhalese country just because the majority population is Sinhalese. I think you do not know the real truth in regard to history based on facts not myths.

  3. Oh my dear Rudra,

    You are trying to score some brownie points over the fudge:-) You were clueless to western interests. Hope you got the message

  4. This man help the tigers ,to kill Tamils as well as Sinhalese.he has done so much crime against the humanity.
    He should be charged .and punished him..

  5. Some comment that Rudirakumaran should be prosecuted because of his legal advice during the negotiation. If that so, for war crimes, whole previous government members should be responsible. The Sri Lankan forces killed around 40,000 Tamils (in the last month of war) most of them are innocent civiliants and targeted hospitals and safety zone. LTTE did not kill that much people. Who gave orders to army to massacare Tamils? Without government order, forces would not have done that mass killings. This crime is not committed by an individual solidier. The orders came from higher level. Who were in the command of war in Colombo?

  6. The TGTE should be charged for the killings of Civilians carried out by the LTTE, and financing the Terrorist. It is time security council look into this too.

  7. Up to date, has Rudrakumaran had the decency to thank the Sri Lankan Government and its armed forces for the sacrifice they made, when rescuing around 300,000 hostages used as a human shield and forced labour by the LTTE terrorists? Having rescued them, they were protected in refugee camps where a million meals a day were served to them for many months, till their villages were demined and cleared for resettlement. Does Rudrakumaran knows the meaning of gratitude, when trying so hard to frame the very forces that rescued the Tamils?

  8. Rudrakumaran’s role in the LTTE need to be investigated to ascertain whether he too is guilty of aiding and abetting this terrorist group. His campaign for human rights (only for Tamils) could be an attempt to deflect any attempt to investigate him for possible crimes against humanity, for collaborating with the LTTE terrorists. Even today he seems proud to associate with the recently created ‘Tiger & Bullets’ flag of Prabakaran’s terrorist group.

  9. Now only Tamil leaders start to understand the foreign powers, especially the West. Those days in the name of Eelam foreign powers influenced Tamil groups. Now days in the name of economic development. A disaster is waiting to happen again. Indo-Lanka accord and 40/60 political solution were overlooked by Tamils, because Tamils dont have a think tank to analyze what is good and bad for Tamils. Therefore, Tamils need a Think Tank to take good decisions ASAP. Tamils also need a central organization committee to implement the good decisions, and also to bring diaspora organisations and Tamil political parties under one umbrella. Otherwise the situation will get worse.

    Forty years ago Thanthi Chelva said “only God can save Tamils.” But during the last 35 years India and the West have divided Tamils beyond repair. Therefore, God can’t even save Tamils anymore. If Tamils dont get their act together PM Ranil must pass this mess to India as JR has done. Let Tamils go separate; the West will support Tamil diaspora to get a foothold in the Indian Ocean, and India will support the TNA to resist the West. Let them fight among themselves and die. It will be a miracle, if Tamil newspaper editors, Tamil politicians and diaspora leaders would see the way I see. Lack of knowledge is causing Tamils to suffer, and also creating unwanted issues for Sinhalese as well.

  10. Mr. Rudrakumar For all your rhetoric you are the only high profile LTTE member around or otherwise, hence accountable to all the atrocities committed by LTTE. Are you searching for a way to avoid your responsibilities?

    • Wonderfully put. As a member of the outlawed terrorist organization no justice can expected from anything you attempt to organize. To quote your own words, “Any reasonable observer knows that all criminal proceedings within the [LTTE] justice system will be stymied by racial bias and political interference. Your days may be numbered since the UN has asked that both sides’ actions be put on trial. You are either totally stupid, or totally stupid to so publicly advertise your intensions so openly.

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