TN leaders slam Centre for ‘inaction’ on UN resolution

Karunanidhi_1115001fExpressing disappointment over the Centre not pressing for an international investigation into alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka, Chief Minister Jayalalithaa said the UN resolution endorsing the domestic probe has been beneficial to the government there and detrimental to the Tamil population, The Hindu newspaper reported.

DMK president M. Karunanidhi also slammed the “diluted” resolution and claimed India had failed to take a stand in favour of Tamils.

In a statement, Ms. Jayalalithaa said the UN resolution passed on Thursday showed that the Centre did not take any steps to give shape to the unanimous resolution passed in the Tamil Nadu Assembly, urging it to ensure an international probe into the alleged human rights violations in Sri Lanka. This was despite the follow-up she made by writing a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on September 16 with a copy of the Assembly resolution.

“The resolution [in the UN] passed yesterday [Thursday] will in no way render justice to Sri Lankan Tamils. This resolution is in favour of the Sri Lankan government and detrimental to Sri Lankan Tamils,” the Chief Minister said, adding that the Central government not taking any proactive steps on the issue has caused “an emotional wound that cannot heal.”

Though the resolution talked about involving international and Commonwealth judges and prosecutors in the process, it was not the same as an international judicial probe, she said, citing the call for an international investigation by the Northern Provincial Council in Sri Lanka on September 1.

Expressing shock at the UN resolution, Mr. Karunanidhi said it had paved the way for a peculiar situation in which Sri Lanka would probe the accusations against itself.

“The judges from Commonwealth countries will be conducting the probe under the direct supervision of Sri Lanka and it will cast a shadow of suspicion,” he said.


  1. You look after your own affir related tamil in India. TNA is here to look after us. You and amma madam look after Indian tamli in TN

    • hai,Srilankan tamil you are wrong, the TNA is only for talking but not for actions.The members of the TNA are boot lickers,they tell that the tamils should corporate with other communities but they turn a blind eye towards the activities of the other communites.For example,Sampanthan,supported the muslims to form the eastern province council but who is reaping the benifit?The tamilsare deprived of their right even though they are majority in the east.Money is allocated to muslim areas only,whereas a small fraction of the money is allocated to tamil areas.Recently the unemployed graduatesof the Ampara district started fasting, stating that they are not considered while giving appointments.Is it correct?

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