Sirisena slams ties ex leader had with Gaddafi

mr_090209_04President Maithripala Sirisena today criticized the relationship some former Sri Lankan leaders had with former Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Speaking to reporters in Colombo today, the President recalled how Gaddafi was seen in photographs with his arm around one former Sri Lankan leader.

Former President Mahinda Rajapakse openly maintained a strong relationship with Muammar Gaddafi despite western global powers accusing him of being a dictator until his death.

Sirisena did not mention Rajapaksa and his relationship with Gaddafi but the photograph he mentioned was that of Rajapaksa and Gaddafi in Libya.

Meanwhile President Maithripala Sirisena also slammed the behavior of some politicians of the former regime for slinging mud at the UN.

He recalled how some politicians staged protests outside the UN office in Colombo when the human rights issue was discussed in Geneva.

The President also noted that countries like India, China and the US assisted Sri Lanka to defeat the LTTE.

He said that the new Sri Lankan Government has been able to unite the UN Human Rights Council, which was earlier divided on the Sri Lankan issue. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Srisena has been brain washed by Obama at the luncheon meeting.If not he coun’t have forgotten that Blair,Sarcorzy and berlusconi were hugging buddies who borrowed billlions of dollars from Gaddafi before turning on him.

  2. Well listen ModaSira, there were pictures of your highly esteemed friend, UK’s former PM tony Blair was pictured being hugged by Gaddafi. How strangely uneducated you are about world affairs. No surprise though considering you appear to have forgotten you were part and parcel of that same government at the time and of course raised your hand agreeing to everything that MR did then. You were serenading him then and there are pictures of the two of you hugging as well, no?

  3. If I am right a former British PM and a French PM too were photographed sometime back with Gadaffi when they were friendly and going behind him. I would like if someone could find this and publish this also. What will our president say to this? Our presidents uncivilized culture is exposed.

    • Who the heck is interested in what British and French PMs or even the Greeks do with Gadaffi or even with Gadaffi’s Grandmother.

      The Admin was writing about our own ex – President of our own Sri Lanka.

      JP / USA

  4. MS is getting carried away with all this praises from new found friends. This will be his down fall and now we do see him getting frustrated and towing the wrong line! I will not be surprised and when we voted we new very well what anachy is

  5. Now I may be completely missing the point the new president was he was he not in the last regime headed by the MR. Possible after the latest jaunt to the UN with his son he may have starting to develop amnesia.

    • Hey dim – wit, have you stepped in to the General Assembly building in NY. or walked down 1 st Ave. I worked there and live in NYC. This is a common practice with most of the head of states in the world. They bring their families You are like a frog in the well and do not know anything about world affairs. Your comment shows you are a big time stupid idiot.

      • Bert have you walk down the is Sesame street? May surprise you yes I have been to big apple . To correct you slightly no other leader had their family members sitting in the general assembly. Now I may be a frog in a well but not a puppet like you beholding to the leaders . Regarding calling me a stupid idiot well you know the old saying It takes one to know one just ask your matte Ernie.

  6. Yes, with that guy resting his elbow on our president’s shoulder at once made me think of two rowdies. It was very unbecoming for a statesman to treat another like dirt. MR seems very uncomfortable but holds on like a rat under the arm of a cat.

    • Do not be absurd, if you do not know about Gadaffi, it is best to keep one’s mouth shut. He was a great leader who looked after the Libyans like a father . He denied nothing to his people. The Lybians were a happy people. Gadaffi was very generous. He helped the European leaders by donating funds for their election campaigns. He gave lot of aid to Sri Lanka as well. He was against the USA and Western leadership, for not helping poor countries. He was trying to mint cold coins to make Europeans buy petrol not with their dollars but by gold coins bought from an Arab Bank. That was the reason why the USA and Europe wanted him eliminated for easy access to Libyan petrol and buy it with their dollars

      • Oh yes so loved by his people they dragged him out of hiding and beat him to death ..or was that americans dressed up to look like libyans …..idiot have a very selective memory

        • In any soceity there are scum that can be bought to do dirty work for others.It is true for Libya as well as Sri Lanka.
          Western leaders often put their arms around their puppets when they meet. Good example was when our mutt RW met his US equivalent JWB.

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