US, UK hail adoption of “historic resolution”

AmbHarperUSUPR-380x280The United States and Britain hailed the adoption of the “historic resolution” on Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council today.

The US Ambassador to Geneva Keith Harper said that the  consensus resolution expresses international support for Sri Lanka as it takes courageous steps to strengthen democracy and restore civil liberties.

“We have witnessed important changes in Sri Lanka since January, which have made today’s consultative, constructive resolution possible. The goal of this resolution—and of our efforts here in Geneva—is to help Sri Lanka undertake a difficult but essential journey. And, we welcome that this resolution recognizes the critical role of continued OHCHR engagement. As Secretary Kerry reiterated last week, the United States will remain steadfast in supporting justice, promoting reconciliation, and seeking an enduring peace and prosperity for all Sri Lankans. We will continue to work bilaterally and multilaterally to support all Sri Lankan people in their efforts to achieve a Sri Lanka that is peaceful, democratic, prosperous, and realizes the full potential of all its citizens,” Harper said.

The United Kingdom, which co-sponsored the resolution said the resolution sets Sri Lanka on a new path towards reconciliation and a more prosperous and inclusive future

Minister of State for Asia, Hugo Swire said that last year the United Kingdom had pushed hard for a UN process that would shine a light on a traumatic period in Sri Lanka’s history.

“We believed then, as we believe now, that for Sri Lanka to fulfil its enormous potential it must address the difficult legacy of its past. With co-sponsorship by the Sri Lankan government, today’s resolution sets Sri Lanka on a new path towards reconciliation and a more prosperous and inclusive future – a path which is clearly marked by the recommendations set out in the UN report and which, at every step, the United Kingdom stands ready to support. I recognise this has not been an easy process for Sri Lanka, but I commend its people and its government for their willingness to take these brave steps forward,” he said. (Colombo Gazette)


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