Lanka to meet gaps in UN peacekeeping missions

0322Sri Lanka has given a pledge to meet some of the gaps in UN peacekeeping missions by providing two combat transport companies and two field engineering platoons as well as one infantry battalion, two special force companies, one combat engineering company, three infantry battalions, one explosive ordinance disposal company, one force protection company and two formed police units.

Speaking at the at the Leaders’ Summit on Peacekeeping at the United Nations, President Maithripala Sirisena said that Sri Lanka’s current contributions to UN Peacekeeping stands at 529 including troops, Military Observers and Civilian Police.

“For over five decades, Sri Lanka has been making modest contributions to UN peacekeeping efforts. We consider Sri Lanka’s cooperation with the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations as an extension of the Government’s policy of positive engagement with the UN following the Presidential Election in January this year,” the President said.

The President noted that UN peacekeeping operations have come a long way from its modest beginnings and today they have evolved into complex operations.

“This is an occasion to focus our attention on some of the challenges facing current UN peacekeeping operations. The report of the High Level Panel on Peace Operations identifies Protection of civilians as a core obligation of the UN. The report observed that UN personnel must use every tool available to them to protect civilians under imminent threat. Sri Lanka recently accepted the Kigali Principles on the Protection of Civilians in peacekeeping. We hope that more countries will join this initiative,” the President said.

The President said that Sri Lanka is pleased to reiterate its continued commitment to UN peacekeeping and is honoured to pledge significant contributions from the Sri Lanka Army, Air Force and Police.

He said the world today is a safer place because of the brace UN peacekeepers and he urged world leaders to remember and pay tribute to the hundreds of peacekeepers and staff who have sacrificed their lives in the line of duty over the years. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. sir,
    as we know u are trying to send more troops and police officers to UN.But sir police head discouraging police officers and send partial list to UN DPKO.on 4 th oct 2015 UN team held saat test to selact police officers to replace UN police officer who are serving missions.
    violating signed bond according to police legal branch police head quarters extending period for their favorites.
    this time 120 officers eligible to serve UN missions they request 20 officers according to merit list to south sudan mission. but they send names of 34 officers.present director personal SSP Siriwardana listed number 35 on merit list so he moved 34 officers names to UN and there after UN request another 10 officers names to Liberia mission.
    so they send 10 names starting number 30 from merit list .if UN SELECT ONLY 20 OFFICERS FROM PREVIOUS LIST what will happen to other 10 officers who got more marks than number 30.
    Past UN did splendid impartial way to select officers now they have given authority to IGP to send names according to list.IGP advised to send officers according to merit list but others playing dirty game with the selection.
    Army and other forces doing this process very well .because of this situation srilanka loosing their carder vacancies for past 3 years .now we have only very few vacancies .please intervene this matter and instruct them to do correct way.
    SAAT exam valid only 2 years already 4 months left but not a single officer deployed for any mission. officers discourage and lost faith abt exams and merit list.

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