Cinnamon city hotels to target Chinese market

002 GROsSri Lanka’s leading hotel chain said that it has decided to target the Chinese tourist market by offering a variety of services to meet their requirements, including by recruiting Chinese guest relations officers.

Cinnamon city hotels, which operates the Cinnamon Grand, Cinnamon Lakeside and Cinnamon Red, in the capital Colombo, says it has been on the receiving end of an influx of Chinese tourists and with more expected, the hotel chain has embarked on a unique campaign to ensure that the discerning Chinese travellers feel more at home in the busy Colombo metropolitan.

From among the key strategies developed for the year for the hotels’ is a China-specific campaign, carefully designed to ensure that the Chinese tourists flying to Colombo would lengthen their stay in the city and find no better abode to enjoy the luxuries of the island nation, than the Cinnamon’s city hotels. The three properties infuse a unique formula of international standards in hospitality, excellence in service and unmatched product offerings, espousing their own individuality which promises experiences far above expectations.

“Given the advantage we have in offering a diverse products portfolio and hospitality concepts, we are going all out to tap the potential of the growing Chinese tourism market,” Executive Vice President John Keells Holdings and Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts Sector Head-City Hotels Rohan Karr said. “We are aware of the distinctive requests of these travellers and are looking at product and service enhancements geared towards supporting them, breaking language barriers and offering unique city experiences.”

He affirmed that over the last years, the properties have seen a significant increase in the Chinese market, both in the leisure and business segment. “It is the affirmation we have had from our Chinese guests, that we intend to pursue more travellers from China.”

The city properties have already begun mooting product and service enhancements specifically conceptualised to add value to the experience of Chinese traveller staying at the hotels.

As part of the China strategy, the three hotels have recruited Chinese guest relations officers fluent in Mandarin and English and are training the front-line staff on basic Mandarin language skills.

Plans are also underway to dedicate a floor at each property for Chinese guests with accents to complement their travel requirements. In-room compendiums have also been translated to Mandarin, and the hotel has added four Chinese television channels to the rooms’ television network.  Moreover, the hotels are looking at F&B concepts that cater specifically for the Chinese tourists such as introducing popular Chinese dishes to the buffets and beverages to restaurants. Special stay packages will be created among the three properties catering to the demands of these tourists as well.