Karunanidhi slams statement on Sri Lankan issue

karunanidhiIndia’s DMK leader M Karunanidhi has opposed a statement made by Vikas Swaroop, the Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson, supporting a resolution accepted by Sri Lanka on the findings of the UN human rights probe panel on the atrocities on Tamils, the New Indian Express reported.

Karunanidhi urged the Union government to support an international criminal investigation into the matter. The DMK leader said, “Supporting the US resolution will deny justice for war crimes, human rights violations and genocide of Tamils and the wound will remain unhealed in the hearts of Tamils.”

“A domestic investigation will not be impartial and a probe by the accused into the crimes will turn justice into a mockery. The Indian government should voice its support for an independent, credible and international investigation and introduce a resolution for it in the United Nations Human Rights Council”, he added.

The UN panel’s findings show that all international laws had been flouted in the crimes against Tamils and they were deliberate and planned.

Besides, the UN panel report itself has recommended a hybrid inquiry mechanism with the participation of international judges, lawyers and investigators.