Sumanthiran holds talks with Samantha Power

United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power Holds Press Conference At United NationsThe top-most official of the United States at the UN and her deputy had a meeting with the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) last week in New York as the resolution on Sri Lanka was about to be submitted in Geneva.

Tamil National Alliance (TNA) member of parliament M.A. Sumanthiran met the United States Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power and the United States Deputy Representative to the United Nations Michele Je Sison.

Sources said that they discussed the resolution with the US being the main sponsor of the document which also has Sri Lanka as a cosponsor.

Sumanthiran had told Power and Sison, a former US Ambassador to Sri Lanka, the only a process with international involvement can assure justice for the Tamil victims of the war.

The TNA MP had also urged the US to ensure the final text of the resolution is not diluted on a request from Sri Lanka.

The resolution was submitted to the UN Human Rights Council on Thursday but it is still open for amendments till Tuesday.

Sumanthiran had told Power that if the Government decides to conduct a purely domestic process to investigate and prosecute those accused of war crimes then the TNA will not support such a process.

The TNA MP had also had talks with British Foreign Ministry officials before heading to New York. (Colombo Gazette)