Mahinda says resolution has “hostile provisions”

Mahinda-Rajapaksa3Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa says the resolution on Sri Lanka tabled before the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has “hostile provisions” which need to be removed.

Rajapaksa said that the government has decided to accept and pass by consensus the USA sponsored draft resolution on Sri Lanka tabled before the UN Human Rights Council on the grounds that it has been ‘watered down’ in Sri Lanka’s favour.

“When this resolution was under discussion, the Sri Lankan Ambassador in Geneva in fact formally requested the sponsors not to place primary emphasis on alleged war crimes issues and to change their approach in consideration for the new government of Sri Lanka. However the sponsors of the resolution have not heeded that request,” he said.

Rajapaksa said that there are serious issues with regard to the operational paragraphs in the draft resolution including ‘operational paragraph 6’ which he says ‘takes note with appreciation’ the Government’s proposal to set up a judicial mechanism to investigate violations of human rights and humanitarian law and ‘affirms’ the importance of the participation of foreign prosecutors, judges, investigators and lawyers in this process.

He says this flies completely contrary to the claim now being made by the Government that any mechanism set up will be purely domestic.

Rajapaksa also said that the first operational paragraph encourages the Government of Sri Lanka to implement the recommendations of the recently released UN report on Sri Lanka and the most contentious recommendations in that report has been included as operational paragraphs in the UNHRC draft resolution.

He also noted that ‘operational paragraph 4’ welcomes the willingness of the government of Sri Lanka to allow the mechanisms set up ‘to deal with the past’ to obtain financial and material assistance from ‘international partners’. Rajapaksa says this would amount to personnel in important judicial and non-judicial bodies in Sri Lanka being paid by foreign powers.

The former President also drew concerns over ‘operational paragraph 8’ which encourages the Government to remove from office military officers suspected of having violated human rights through a vetting process (even if there is no evidence to prosecute them). This in reality amounts to a purge of the armed forces.

He says such operational paragraphs run completely contrary to the expectations that the Government itself has generated among the people by claiming that the draft resolution has been ‘watered down’ in Sri Lanka’s favour.

Rajapaksa says if the government is going to accept this resolution and allow it to pass by consensus, then they should ensure that the hostile provisions are removed and the resolution is brought into line with the expectations of the people of Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This Joker is responsible for the situation we are in today. After winning the war instead of restoring Democracy and law & order all over the Country, he turned the Democratic Sri Lanka to a Corrupt, Lawless Banana Republic serving only the criminals. All the citizens lost all their rights and the Country was ruled by intimidation, threat, assault, disappearances and murder. He kept talking to the International Community with one end agreeing to all their conditions and from other end lying to the entire Nation.

  2. New member of parliament for kurunegala Mr. M.Rajapaksa ,stop saying things just because you lost the power and now you’re in the opposition bench, let the leader of the opposition speak on behalf of the opposition

    Once upon a time when you were the only person who could have made this country a better place for all of its citizens to live in harmony with equal rights,, you and your brothers choose to divide and conquer and rule this country for life and groom your stupid son to take over and create a kingdom of this country

    You need to at least after two defeats calm down, first loss you blamed the Tamils and the Muslims for your loss

    Second defeat who do you blame?? The Tamils voted for TNA ,Muslims voted for several parties, now who do you think didn’t vote for you?
    Even in Kurunegala your party lost seats and won only by a slim margin

    So, the verdict is clear, people of this country are fed up with your lawless rule,nepotism,divided society,one man rule,white van,corruption,white lies etc

  3. It is a shame, current regime in Sri Lanka is going to cosponsor this resolution. One of the rare instances where a government is csponsering a proposal raised against thier own country. This shows the true colours of the current regime. Anyway, it is too late now, Sri Lankan people made a great mistake in August. But we have to blame Mahinda too for not taking the oppertunity to avoid this happened.

    • It is a shame on the past government of SL. The UN had to choose a very hard line, but the present GoSL “watered it down”. It all happened because of war crimes, murder, disappearances and final genocide by MR and his criminal governmment. I would have prefered tough sanctions against MR and his government members. MR wants to prevent the truth being exposed, so is panicking.

  4. The UK (Tony Blair’s) report found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. LTTE’s disguised mouth pieces found 80,000 killed in the final war. All but LTTE hardcore were human shields. UN get a live. You can fool some at times but you can’t fool all the people all the time. My gran aged 92 laughing non stop, so hilarious.

  5. Does this mean that the UN and US will also push for all the rehabilitated Tamil Tiger leaders who have now joined different political parties also to be prosecuted for the endless crimes they had committed against the civilian population while they were part of the terrorist organization or all the accountability issues will be applicable only for the member of the military who sacrificed a lifetime to save the country from the most ruthless terrorist organization in the world?
    Wake up Sri Lanka, UN and USA were not there when bombs were exploding in the south and mothers and infants were being murdered for years.
    It is time for us to live in harmony and let the past go. We can do so if we don’t give in to all these external forces as an independent nation. We are capable. Don’t let them divide us once again.
    Good luck to all Sri Lankans.

  6. The ex President is right, the UN resolution should favour all Governments not Tamil ltte terrorist. No justice for terrorism. Only help the innocent civilians, Sinhalese,Tamil, Malay,and Others. The Tamil ltte terrorist have been rehabilitated and given a chance to assimilate. No other country has done this anywhere.

  7. Mahinda zero civilian death soon after the war. He prevented efforts to prove against this for six years. It is time for him to prove he means what he said.

  8. UN is not impartial body anymore. It serves as a media press for some Western countries to publish their version; but not truth,

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