Unilever Continues To Redefine Consumer Experiences

ImageUnilever Sri Lanka launched their new Consumer Engagement Center (CEC) which will, for the first time ever in Sri Lanka, allow people to contact Unilever’s consumer care team using a toll free short code. A further testament to Unilever’s commitment to the Sri Lankan consumer, this also marks the first time that such a short code has been introduced in the FMCG sector in the country.

“At Unilever we put the consumer first; they are at the heart of everything we do. That is why we go the extra mile to collect their feedback as it plays a vital role in our business. And with changing tastes it is important now more than ever before to listen to the consumer and understand their requirements. The CEC helps us address this and allows us to stay ahead of the curve while ensuring that consumers are given a clear and convenient path to make their concerns heard. Thus we are bringing the consumer’s voice to the brand while taking the brand’s voice to the consumer,” said Makshoodh Meerasaibu, Marketing Director, Unilever Sri Lanka.

Launched at Aegis Services Lanka, Colombo – 02, these digitally enabled centers are the next step in the consumer engagement process. They leverage new technologies and enhance capabilities to redefine consumer engagement for the next generation while bringing insights and relationships into everyday business. For consumers this means an easily contactable, highly specialized team that will assist them with relevant and accurate information. While the CEC will collect data and produce highly valuable business insights its primary role is to provide a premium service to Unilever’s consumers. This programme is part of Unilever’s endeavor to foster strong relationships with its consumers.

“To ensure the best in service delivery Unilever has a dedicated fully fledged customer care management system in place in terms of people and technology. And the data being collected will provide us with greater insights into consumer needs. This will further allow us to provide our consumers with a highly personalized service with multi-brand touchpoints while simultaneously educating them on how to get the best from their product. Providing them a memorable experience that they will want to share, we look forward to turning them into advocates of our brands,” said Sukitha Premaratne, Country Lead, Consumer Engagement Centre, Unilever Sri Lanka.