SLCast set to stream Sri Lankan TV content

PHOTO - SLCastSri Lanka’s popular television programmes will now become easily accessible to a wider and growing international audience with the launch of SLCast.

SLCast has been developed to bring in popular Sri Lankan television and other legal media content on one platform to be viewed by expatriate and migrant Sri Lankans living overseas. SLCast thus goes on record as being the first and only channel to be listed on the international platform with channels such as HBO, SKY, FOX, TNT, Natgeo, CBS, History, Disney etc.

Key content providers have already come on board SLCast and are streaming their content. These include Dialog Television, HiTV, VerbumTv (Sri Lanka’s first and only Catholic channel), Heritage TV (the one and only channel solely dedicated to promoting the natural, folk, cultural and world heritage of Sri Lanka), Arsikmedia (with its popular Pusswedilla Series), Sri Lankan TV, Torana Music Box (with over 600 of their titles), Shradda Buddhist Channel etc.

Sanjaya Padmaperuma, CEO of SLCast said, “Many television broadcasters have opted for their own streaming channels. However the lack of facilities and infrastructure combined with the huge operational cost has resulted in these channels streaming content on low quality format. SLCast on the other hand ensures a full HD quality stream using the next generation television streaming standards by partnering with the best in the industry for its backbone operation. These are service providers who partner with top television broadcasters such as Fox, CBS, Warner TV etc thereby guaranteeing an un-interrupted streaming service worldwide”.

SLCast offers its streaming service in all popular platforms including RokuTv, Samsung Smart Hub, Apple ios, Android, Android Smart Hub and also website streaming. From the comfort of the home to watching your favourite channels on the go, in the same HD Quality is what SLCast provides.

SLCast does not support the downloading of any content to a computer or any other device. It is a 100% streaming service and thus none of the content can be copied direct. SLCast also offers the geo-blocking facility. If for example any particular market or country needs to be blocked from accessing a channel, SLcast has the technology to geo-block the channel to that country.

With plan to promote theatre, SLCast will soon introduce the live broadcast of popular theatre plays to the overseas expatriate community as the event hits the boards. SLCast will also introduce the ‘Private Channel’ feature which will enable customers who wish to have their private functions (weddings, birthdays, tea parties etc) privately streamed to friends and family overseas.

Signing up to SLCast is easy. One can log into and sign up. Each customer can watch the content he/she has signed up for in any one of the platforms that the service supports. RokuTv, ios, Android or Smart TV. The SLCast Roku app can be downloaded to the customer’s Roku player from the SLcast website. The ios and android apps maybe downloaded from the Apple store and Google Play stores. SLCast is also available on Samsung Hub (for Tizen operating system Smart TVs) and from the Android Play store for Android TVs.