Paraguay adopts resolution on Sri Lanka

G13844The Paraguay Parliament has passed a resolution on Sri Lanka backing calls for an international process to ensure justice for the Tamils.

The resolution was passed at a time when the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) is meeting in Geneva with Sri Lanka on the agenda.

The resolution in the Paraguay Parliament called for an international investigation by the UNHRC in support of justice and independence for the Tamil People.

Recently, a delegation from the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) was in Paraguay where they met officials in the Paraguay Government and discussed Sri Lanka.

” The resolution passed at the Paraguay government , while attracting full support for the fight for justice by the Ealam Tamils , many human rights activists giving their support  too  give us fresh support and confidence ” TGTE member Manickavasagar, who was part of that delegation, said. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. As usual TGTE is spreading lies using monies collected illegally from poor Hard working Tmils to propagate hate,lies against Sri Lanka.The Paraguay parliamentarians will to start with not know where Sri Lanka is let alone the history and culture.It is high time Sri Alaskan govt. go after Rudrkumaran ,farther Emmanuel,GTF for their involvement in LTTE activities.

  2. What has Para Guha has to do with Sri Lanka. Your parliament has nothing else to do. Go and solve your own problems. Do something to ease the poverty in your cdountry

  3. At least Paraguay has the wisdom to see the human rights as sacrosanct whatever the country may be. The Indian Govt. shall also follow the wisdom of Paraguay bcoz Sri Lankan Tamils are origins of India and also to bring justice to the oppressed people and close the bloodiest chapter in Sri Lanka.

    • Or are they more focussed on dollars falling from the sky and not bothered about a far away country the history of which the Paraguan leaders do not care a damn about.

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