PM confident of China, Russia, India support

RANIL_WICKRAMASING_2521384fPrime Minister Ranil Wickresmsinghe today briefed Parliament on the latest developments taking place in Geneva with regards to Sri Lanka and said that he had urged the United States to obtain the support of all countries for the resolution which will be tabled this week.

The Prime Minister said that while countries like China and Russia are likely to support a resolution which will favor Sri Lanka, he had also discussed the matter with India and expects their support as well.

Wickresmsinghe said that he and Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera had talks with the US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Atul Keshap recently with regards to the resolution and added that it was the responsibility of the US to obtain the support of all countries for the final text of the draft resolution.

The Government has already raised concerns over the first text of the draft resolution saying it will not help the reconciliation process.

Countries like China and Russia have said they will only support a resolution which favors a domestic accountability process in Sri Lanka.

The Prime Minister also agreed to debate the UN report on Sri Lanka in Parliament as well the draft resolution once it is adopted by the UN Human Rights Council.

Wickresmsinghe also urged Parliament to embrace Tamil political parties like the Tamil National Alliance who are supporting the democratic process in the country.

He said that to ensure permanent peace, the Tamils must be given a political solution and this will be done through constitutional reforms.

The Prime Minister insisted that the Government is not ready to take the country back to the dark ages, nor is it ready to let the future generations suffer. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. RW of UNP having bad record of since 1977 killer of human rights and that undermined principle norms of democracy.
    We are the people of Sri lanka realized that RW of UNP the content of his public reasons is given a family political concept of justice not that by a single occasion.

    There are many US led neo-liberalism and related views and therefore UNP -PM on issues of ‘human rights ‘ of public reason specified by US, Indian and EU plan of partition of Island for federal Tamil state.
    While support for defeated LTTE ruthless Tamil terrorist by ‘war crime of human rights’ of US power in Sri lanka.

    The certain countries hegemonic reasonable of their political proposals’ human rights’ issues of ‘war crime’ related has nothing to do with China and Russia.

    The US endorsement of world governances and as well as Sri lanka of subject dominated our an Island to be recolonization by under name of “war crimes” is new political concept ‘fairness of justice’ by US power grid.

    Of these justice is not fairness, whatever its merits goes for UNP -RW, MS and CBK to remain in political power house the vested interest of US power in Indian Ocean.

  2. That’s what all the leaders in the past saying no one implement a solution Last 25 years
    Wait and see his latest words and action

  3. For me Tamils are the most dangerous and dirty creatures. Prime Minister Ranil Wickresmsinghe should let Tamils go separate, in order to develop the South. And let India to deal with the dangerous and dirty creatures as J R had done. Diaspora leaders won’t live under the TNA. And the TNA won’t live under the diaspora leaders either. The West will support diaspora to have a foothold in the Indian Ocean, but India will try to secure it. Therefore, half of Tamils will fight for their leadership with the West’s help, and the other half will fight for their leadership with India’s help. Dangerous and dirty creatures’ issues are never ending. I wish I wasn’t born among them in Jaffna. However, I don’t call myself as a Sri Lankan Tamil. Recently, I wrote an article to Tamil newspapers, I clearly identified myself as an Australian. How can I call myself as a Tamil when the fools are fighting for sake of fighting, and eliminated more leaders and intellectuals than Bin Laden?

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