Investigating KP is important says ICG

KPThe International Crisis Group (ICG) says pursuing cases against former LTTE leaders who worked closely with the Mahinda Rajapaksa government, such as K. Pathmanathan (“KP”) and V. Muralitharan (“Karuna”), and any other senior LTTE leaders who may be overseas, will be important to address Sinhalese perceptions that accountability is biased against the military.

ICG said that the release on 16 September of the long-awaited report by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) on its Sri Lanka investigation (OISL) is a dramatic advance that can help the country respond to its painful legacy of war. The report is a compelling examination of the abuses committed by all sides during the lengthy civil conflict and the steps required to pursue justice, accountability and reconciliation as part of democratic recovery. The UN Human Rights Council (HRC), which mandated the report, should demonstrate the same leadership by endorsing and supporting its conclusions and recommendations at the present session.


ICG noted that combined with implementation of key reforms the government proposes (some of which would receive support and advice from South Africa and the International Committee of the Red Cross), effective judicial prosecution of those most responsible for the most serious crimes committed by all sides in the war would promote the genuine reconciliation necessary for a sustainable peace.

Sri Lanka has seen decades of failed investigations and prosecutions, with fewer than half a dozen successful prosecutions of (low- and mid-level) military personnel for hundreds of serious human rights cases. No senior commander has ever even been charged with a war-related crime, and the military retains significant autonomy from civilian oversight. Witnesses and rights activists in the Tamil areas of the north and east continue to be threatened. Police investigations into a few high-profile cases from the Rajapaksa era reportedly face resistance from military leadership. Legislation parliament approved for a witness- and victim-protection system in February has yet to be implemented and lacks provision for protection units independent of the police and testimony of the many witnesses outside the country.


  1. Recently, I have visited children orphanages in the North. While I was visiting children at sencholai I met KP by chance, I don’t think he meets all visiters. I decided to say hello to KP, but end up in lengthy conversation. He seems more clear about the Tamil people’s current strggules more than any other Tamil politician or Tamil intellectual that I have met. Please note: I am not saying that he should be freed from his past. If it has been proven by the court, he must be punished. The UNHRC has some idea what crimes that have been committed by defense forces during the last stage of war; however, the UNHRC and the Sri Lakan government can’t prove what KP has done in the past. Welcome to international politics 😉

  2. I am the founder of Asia Unites, but couldn’t even register Asia Unites in Asia; or even get a dollar from Asians. Even though Asians are in billions and they are 58% of the world population. If the West can stop Asia Unites get registered, or getting even one dollar from the billions of Asians; surely the West has the ability to stop the funding for the LTTE and ISIS. But it won’t, because the unity of developing world is a threat for the Western powers, so the West stopped the funding for Asia Unites; but the LTTE and ISIS helps the West to divide others. Therefore, funding wasn’t an issue for the LTTE and ISIS.

  3. Let Us not Fool our selves, This socalled UN Report and Most of these Pick and Choose HR Groups, Are going After Rajapaksa Brothers, Armed Force Commanders, and Those Former LTTE Leaders who collaborated to defeat the Main Group. Not Very Long Ago These Very Groups in the west were getting info about the war From KP, Yet we dont hear these Groups going after the Int LTTE Structure and its leaders who supplied, Financed and Armed the LTTE, Not a word on the Criminals of the LTTE Overseas Government or Anton’s wife or leaders of Tamil Nadu, And Other Criminal Groups of the LTTE From America, to Europe to Australia, Tamil Nadu. Why didn’t they study the Financial Assistance??? In the West it’s a Crime to Morally support and Finance a Terrorist group and people have been jailed.

  4. Both KP and Karuna were helpful to Sri Lankan Government to bring peace. We need to acknowledge and thank for them for doing so. Even Ranil and Chandrika never had a real interest in bringing peace although they are enjoying freedom Rajapaksa won.

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