Lanka war crimes film shown at UN in Geneva

NFZ Publicity StillThe new war crimes film on Sri Lanka from the makers of the ‘No Fire Zone’ was screened at the UN building in Geneva today.

The film ‘Sri Lanka: The Search for Justice’ was hosted by Human Rights Watch. In his remarks to the audience Callum Macrae, director of Sri Lanka: The Search for Justice, said that the report of the UN’s war crimes investigation on Sri Lanka is devastating and marks a turning point.

“For the past few years, under the last regime, the government of Sri Lanka has constantly insisted that the evidence presented in our films is fake, concocted and that our motive was somehow malicious. Sadly those sentiments have been echoed, on occasion, by senior figures in the new government. But now we have an independent, authoritative investigation, which has assessed all the evidence and confirmed what we said, and what the victims have always known. At long last I hope we will move from debating the truth of the allegations and move on to deciding what to do about them. So what can be done? The unequivocal rejection of a domestic accountability mechanism by the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Prince Zeid, sends a clear message,” Macrae said.

He said the recommendation of the High Commissioner to create an independent, impartial hybrid court integrating international judges, prosecutors, lawyers and investigators is wise – and offers the opportunity to create a process which can be trusted by all sides to be fair and impartial.

“Like many others I would argue that it needs to have a majority of international judges and prosecutors. It needs to operate under international law. It needs to be fully independent, including in its finances. It needs to be in a position to guarantee the safety and security of witnesses. But the important thing just now is that the Human Rights Council has the opportunity to do the right thing – to take the process forward in the interests of all the members of every community in Sri Lanka,” he added.

The screening of the film took place while the UN Human Rights Council was meeting for its 30th session at the same building. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Callum Macreae twisted the wording of the Darusma report to suit his agenda. The report said UPTO 40,000 MAY have been killed according to credible evidence, Callum Macrea simply twisted the wording to say there is a UN report which says AT LEAST 40,000 were killed, omitting the words MAY have been killed, ACCORDING to evidence. This show his credibility.

  2. Very good actors posing for Tamil LTTE propaganda machine !!! Why would any sane person take notice of this one-sided lop-sided UNHCR report, when they are just allegations, unsubstantiated yarns made up by the Tamil diaspora living abroad. It could have been taken seriously only if statements from many people whose family members were brutally murdered by the LTTE, kidnapped by the LTTE are also recorded. Shame that the SL delegation never uttered a word in their defence. Totally caved into this great injustice. The fools.

  3. Mcrae is definitely a man with an agenda, to make money and gain fame at any cost. If these are direct quotes of his, and not some like minded journalist it stinks of bias from the outset. Has he critically read the the UNHRC report, I think not. No where has it concluded that these are findings, they also clearly state it is a human rights investigation, not a criminal investigation. The facts remain to be proven in a court of law. His logic is circular and illogical from the start. Only the people who want to believe the facts are established, would follow this story. I hope the UNHRC and any international lawyers on board this project will see through this all. This man should also be among the topics for investigation of human rights and the inciting of violence. Nothing he has come up with to date is admissible evidence in a court of law. People want the truth to be demonstrated, not the lies to be furthered.

  4. Where was Callum Mareae and all these do good organizations when LTTe were running a de facto state killing innocent Sinhalese,Tamils,Muslims,and chasing and invoked in ethnic cleansing in the north and east.Tamils do not want Sri Lanka to be united and would do anything to discredit this very democratic educated and will informed forward moving Nation.Macrea is on the pay roll of GFT,and WTM.Why should all Tamils move against Sinhalese?They want to create Eelam.They are still dreaming .U.N should not be biase when it comes to people of the country to hey are dealing with.

  5. Lopsided opinions of this nature do lot of damage to reconciliation process in Sri Lanka and also will make it difficult for the moderates in Sri Lanka to convince the majority Sri Lankans the importance of cooperating with the international community. Callum Macrae’s insensitivity to ground level political realities in Sri Lanka and also his apparent ignorance of the difficulties that transitional justice has to encounter is nothing but a clear indication of his prejudices. Let justice take its natural course, no matter whether it is meted out by a purely international, or a hybrid court. In the interest of all stake holders, including the victims of grave human rights violations and the majority of Sri Lankans who voted for a regime change on 8th January, people like Callum Macrae must keep their viewpoints and opinions to them selves. I wonder who these people are really working for? They honestly do not seem to be genuinely interested ensuring justice to victims!

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