Namal slams call for hybrid court in Sri Lanka

namalFormer President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s son Namal Rajapaksa has slammed the proposal by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) to have a hybrid court in Sri Lanka to investigate incidents related to the war.

Namal Rajapaksa, whose father was President when the alleged war crimes took place, said that the proposal in complete insult to the entire legal system in Sri Lanka.

The member of parliament said that Sri Lanka is fully capable of conducting any domestic inquiry that is needed.

Rajapaksa, a lawyer himself, says Sri Lankan courts have already demonstrated they have the resources and capability to conduct credible investigations within the existing legal framework.

He also accused the international community of having double standards saying that in itself is an injustice. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Well, moron Namal has yet to answer the off springs he and his uncle Nishantha created by making use of their ‘flying angels’ during papa Meeharaka’s rule??

  2. Please try and ignite that one brain cell you might have left and reflect on your comments. Its not the UN which has insulted the legal system it is your family that has bought our country to shame. Are you actual for real!!!!!

  3. Yes,Namal hybrid court is not suitable for Srilanka ,international court is the best for the atrocities done by the soldiers under your father’s presidentship.

  4. I congradulate the UNHRC chief Prince Zeid Raád Al Hussein for the excellent report and understanding of HR violations, torture and war crimes in SL. Most of the peace loving Sri Lankans and the International community wilI welcome this attempt to bring Justice and peace through reconciliation.

  5. Perhaps an enquiry should be held to find out this moron namal became a lawyer. It is a disgrace to the SL Legal profession to allow this moron continue to be called a lawyer

    • I concur. Even his father, who is NOT a real lawyer, calls himself a lawyer. If this moron is made to sit his law exams all over again he will definitely s..t in his pants.

  6. We remember ethnic riots in 1956, mid 1970, 1983 when Sinhala thugs killed innocent Tamils. After the wa was over IDP s were not treated properly. Land was robbed by the Army. Can we expect the internal court to be fair. All rogues are now ministers. We need an international court to look in to war crimes of both sides.

  7. Since I am educated than you and not used to foul language as your family I wish ti keep my mouth shut.
    Please please why dont you keep your mouth shut alos Hon. MP Namal

  8. Namal is too quick to respond. He is green as a politician. He should stay back and let the senior politicians to deal with the Report.

    There is a proverb in Sinhale, puol hora karen denai.

  9. Yes the Former President,gotabaya basil sarath fonseka and all the service commanders responsible for the war crimes during the last stages of war also The rule of law with former president Rajapakse so he must be tried first then the others for killing innocent Tamils in Sri Lanka.We know how the Sinhalese treated the Tamils and what they did during 1983 riots.Namal is a baby lawyer and he should shut his mouth.

  10. People who comment against MR, What do you say about jumbo cabinet of 96. Is it ethical to waste people’s money? How do you see your new PM now with Jumbo cabinet? You see the real nature of Ranil & Mithri before two years?

  11. Naomal rogue lawyer. Does he remember how his dad’s regime killed the rugger player and journalists. No one has faith in SL legal system.

  12. you namal and your Brother is in involved in the rugby league’s star and captain thanudeen,we know what you did to him on the particular night you Moron and arsehole,dont worry you will get what you deserve corrupt back door so called layer who cheated and passed you dirty rat

  13. “for justice’ big mouth shut up like the morons namal and you know the Money they ripped off from the country,every one contributed for the down fall of the LTTE, the Army,Navy and the air force did it all on their own.they would have finished it off even if MR and GR were absent,in fact MR was out of the Country in the last two weeks ,JUstice are you aware of I am sure you are,this was in 2009,its 2015,the war is histry
    the younger generation would not even know what happened,the future is what matters,you Morons are you going talk about the war for the 5 years you idiots
    think about the future.MR is a Moron like you


  15. While the SL Legal System is quite capable of conducting a fair trial, it is the breaking of promises to the IC by the Rajapakses and wrecking the Rule of Law that has made the IC lose such confidence. Justice must not only be done but be SEEN to be done; a mixed court is one way of doing this. Thr Rajapakse regime is responsible for the distrust the IC has in SL institutions!! The way Namal R became a ‘lawyer’ undermined the Rule of Law, but did the Rajapakses care ?

  16. First of all Namal is not properly certified lawyer. He is a product of the corrupt legal system in Sri Lanka. Corrupt politicians designed and drafted the corrupt laws in Sri Lanka. Corrupt politicians appointed the corrupt judges and other high officials. Therefore, Sri Lanka does not have a credible legal system to investigate itself.

  17. Why did’nt Namal feel bad when Sarath Silva publicly remaked that he gave a wrong judgement to support Mahinda Rajapakse?

  18. Namal Rajapakse,keep your big mouth shut,you got into law by corrupt means you hipocrit,we know you well ,during the time of the elections when you security guard was about to assacinate the president
    shut your mouth you traitor

  19. You are quite right Namal.

    The hybrid court is a KANGAROO court to try your father and uncle Gotabaya and humiliate the Sinhalese people.That is what its really all about. If its about War crimes what about the IPKF?

    (Your father should have run the country better after winning the war though, that is my only criticism of your dad, whom I admire along with your incredible uncle GR, who has been really badly treated by RW).

    It is an absolute mockery of International Law. The Jordanian High commissioner of UNHCR is just another American puppet. In fact Jordan is an American vassal state. UN and ICC are also American controlled institutions to control and punish countries which USA does not like. It has nothing to with justice!

    Its 40 years since the Vietnam war ended where Americans killed some three million Vietnamese and bombed Cambodia and Laos to stone age (Nixons secret or not so secret war). We are still waiting for justice for them and the victims of Mi Lai massacre. Never mind Iraq!

    Do your home work and raise these issues.

    • Yes ur right the law was on the hand of Rajapakse family and they are the one who is responsible for all the crimes that held during their power and also how come Namal become a lawyer what law does he know and when his father was doing something wrong did he advice him not to do anything beyond law all are shameless its much better to have international court and give relief to Tamil people and also to other Sinhalese people as well who lost their dear ones.

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