EDULINK Facilitates Accessible, Highly Recognised British Degrees With Compelling Scholarships on Offer

Kanishka Weeramunda - Campus Director of EDULINK International CampusThe EDULINK International Campus, providers of high quality, holistic tertiary education, is currently extending 100 full and partial scholarships for the September 2015 intake forundergraduate programmes of the University of Northampton, one of United Kingdom’s Top 50 Campuses.

A wide range of scholarships in the Information Technology, Business, and Accounting streams are available to deserving students based on academic excellence, outstanding performances in sports and extra-curricular activities. This will enable them to earn an internal degree from this prestigious British university at the extremely affordable price of a maximum of Rs. 675,000 for the entire 3 year programme.

Commenting on this distinct proposition, Campus Director of EDULINK International Campus, Kanishka Weeramunda said, “As a premier, internationally-recognized brand, we at EDULINK are proud to be associated with the University of Northampton, and in celebration of the campus’ entry in to Sri Lanka, we are gratified to offer students one of the best deals in town when it comes to facilitating excellence in higher education. The University of Northampton has been constantly ranked among the best universities in the UK and has produced outstanding graduates much sought-after by companies around the world. Moreover, a distincthighlight is that all students are able to complete a Double Major with a Joint Honours by choosing for instance – Business and Accounting or Business & Marketing or Business & Entrepreneurship.”

EDULINK operates as a one of the University of Northampton’s collaborative campuses and hence is able offer students the opportunity to complete a highly recognised programme at just a quarter of the cost it would take to pursue the same degree in London, without compromising on facilities or quality.

“In today’s competitive job market, standing out from the crowd is crucial. A degree from a university such as Northampton, which is renowned for their academic superiority, diversity of subjects and research excellence that results in excellent quality graduates, is guaranteed to set one apart from the pack,” Mr. Weeramunda further added.

The University of Northampton ranks number 43 in the UK and student satisfaction levels are at a remarkable 98%, whilst the employability of graduates is at an unprecedented 96%. Tracing its roots back to 1924, the University offers a unique blend of vibrant campus life, superb facilities and academic excellence. It has undertaken ground-breaking new areas of study and has a growing reputation for research excellence in the UK.

The curriculums of the programmes offered by the University of Northampton cover a wide range of subjects including Business Studies, Marketing, Accounting, Computing and Entrepreneurship. The University regularly reviews and revises the curriculato align with the changing needs and requirements of each industry, ensuring that the University programmes stay ahead of other British degrees and increases the employability of the University’s graduates.

The EDULINK International Campus is fully-owned by EDULINK Consultants, a multinational higher education company which has been in operation since 2004. EDULINK Consultants is the leading company in the EDULINK Group based in Dubai and is a multi-faceted educational services provider that has built strategic partnerships with renowned academic institutions from across the globe. Its vision is to provide quality education at an affordable price.